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Uzarlik (peganum harmala) — a natural balsam

Following healthy life-style bases, feeding according to rules, following the hygienic rules, avoiding bad habits, going in for sports are main principles of healthy way of life. Taking foods rich in vitamins, minerals, increasing the abilities fighting against diseases, tempering the body, training, movement help prevention of different diseases. Several books by our Esteemed President popularizing healthy life-style, giving wide information about the role of medicinal herbs growing on the sunny land of our country, playing an important role in prevention of diseases and other complications, revealing them in time became valuable and significant scientific sources not only for doctors but also for masses of population. Because these wonderful books serving as the scientific basis for development of the world medical science, for long life of people, for healthy life-style spread the folk medicine which was developed by our ancestors and became the national value of the Turkmen people in the world.

When we met at village-side…

A crimson dawn had glowed the earthBy time we met at village-side.I am abstracted, lost in thoughts, For you’re with me, as if we’re tied. The grass feels shy for drops of dewThat chill your feet; it blames its blades.And even wind by you is light,It’s able not to ruin your plaits.

Gurbannazar Ezizov, Master of the new Turkmen Poetry

In his essay «Yuriy Ryabinin and Gurbannnazar Ezizov» Alexander Aborskiy wrote: «Ezizov made his great contribution into national poetry during that short period which gave him his destiny. The portrait of a real poet was preserved in the music of his poetry forever». (A.Аборский. Время оглянутъся. Москва, 1988, стр. 311) Gurbannazar Ezizov was born in 1940 in the Sovutli Village of the Gokdepe etrap of the Akhal Velayat. Later, his family moved to Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan. There he studied at school №29, at present this school has been named by his name. After finishing school he entered the faculty of Turkmen language and literature of the Magtymguly Turkmen State University, because still when he studied at school he began writing poems and beginning from 1955 his poems were published in the newspapers and magazines. After becoming the student of the university he paid much attention to his creative work. At that time he translated the works by Russian poets such as Pushkin, Lermontov, Tyutchev, Nikitin, Fet, Ogaryov and others into Turkmen. The work on translation was a kind of a creative school for him.

The «Arkadag» hotel

The wide-scale city-building program carried out in marble coated Ashgabat, the pearl city of Central Asia, greatly changes the main city of our country. The opening ceremony of the «Arkadag» Hotel constructed in one of the most beautiful corners of our capital with the participation of our esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov is an evident proof of it. The «Arkadag» Hotel constructed according to the order of the Ashgabat City Municipality by the «Bouygues Batiman International» French company amazes with its original decoration and architectural solutions. The hotel constructed in the semicircle form occupies the area of more than 220 thousand square metres. The height of fourteen-storied hotel is 76,5 metres. It consists of 290 metre long central building and two more buildings constituting it. The length of each of the buildings composing the central building in the form of wings is 134 metres.

The international recognition of neutrality of Turkmenistan

Gurbanguly BERDIMUHAMEDOV, President of Turkmenistan:— For us Neutrality is a value which helps to go forward with confident steps, glorifying the humanistic, peace-loving traditions of our people, spreading the name of our powerful state, our united nation in the world. Neutral Turkmenistan is widely known in the world as the country preferring not only its national interests but it is the country putting forward mutually beneficial bilateral and multilateral important international initiatives. Strengthening the universal peace and security is one of the primary trends of the foreign policy followed by our neutral state. In accordance with it following the status of its neutrality, and also taking into consideration the situation formed in the region and in the world Turkmenistan pursues the policy directed at securing the universal prosperous and peaceful development, at solving important issues of the present times and establishing mutual understanding and confidence in the world. And it gives opportunity for Turkmenistan for further strengthening and developing the political, trade-economic and humanitarian relations carried out with neighbouring and other states. Increasing the interests of establishing long-term and multilateral relations with our state shows that the «Open Doors» policy of Turkmenistan finds its expression in all importan

«Ashgabat- city» is a very modern part of the capital

The historic events developing widely in 2021, the year «Turkmenistan-the Home of Peace and Trust» showing the peaceful, prosperous life, unity of our people illuminate the development of our country at high rates under the guidance of our Hero Arkadag. On the 25th of May on the occasion of the Day of Ashgabat and the 140th Anniversary of our capital our esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in the ceremonies of foundation of the large «Ashgabat- city» dwelling houses complex and opening and giving for use of the new two-storied apartment houses. Giving impetus to realization of a great modern mega-project worked out on the initiative of our National Leader has a great significance. The city-building solutions widely used in the world practice and national architectural traditions found their expression in this project. This great complex with total area of 744 hectares can be called the city inside the city. Because this complex consisting of more than two hundred buildings for different purposes, will form the whole city structure supplied with all living conditions and necessities for recreation. Numerous buildings belonging to district management and other office buildings and buildings of communal system will be built here. At the expense of capital investments four kindergartens for 1200 children, four secondary schools for 3000 pupils,

Culture is the soul of people

Organizing large – scale wedding parties, going to the parties with presents is one of the wonderful traditions of the Turkmen people which made a great contribution to the culture of humanity the roots of which go back to ancient times. Not long ago our people ceremonially celebrated the Day of Workers of Culture and Art and Poetry of Magtymguly Pyragy. Here we want to tell about the book «Turkmen Culture» written in 2015 by the Head of our state. Getting acquainted with the book «Turkmen Culture» consisting of 34 chapters and 264 pages, hundreds of original, beautiful pictures a great respect and the love of our Esteemed President for the national culture of our people, art, music and songs, traditions expressed in the book add to our feelings of pride and high spirit. The content of the book shows that the roots of culture of our people go back to the depth of millennium, the contribution of the Turkmen people to the world culture and the Turkmen land is the home of ancient agriculture. Besides that it tells about the role of culture in multilateral development of Turkmenistan during the years of Independence, especially during the Epoch of Might and Happiness.

Ecological diplomacy Of Turkmenistan

In our country, in the Epoch of Might and Happiness the large-scale and long-term environmental policy pursued by our esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov is focused on the rational use of natural resources, ecological safety, based on complex solution of economic and social issues of sustainable development. Priority strategy of the state policy in this field is to ensure economic security through the careful and rational use of resources, the introduction of green technologies and creation of ecological clean environment to live while preserving the country’s natural resources. As a result of adoption of the Forest Program of Turkmenistan which provides for million tree seedlings every year, creating green areas, parks with green malls. It helps to clean the air in general. The implementation of the National Forest Program not only made the cities of our country more beautiful and green, but also significantly contributed to the struggle against harmful factors related to climate change. As our Esteemed President underlines in his speeches, environmental issues are the main priority in the domestic and foreign policies of the country. This can be exemplified by the fact that Turkmenistan joined the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and ratified fundamental environmental agreements of the United Nations in particular, the Convention to Combat Desertification, the Conv

Turkmen diplomacy, the way to co-operation with the world

Turkmenistan follows peaceful foreign policy, builds its relations with other states on the principles of equality of rights, mutual respect and non-interference in internal affairs of other states. Turkmenistan does not participate in military alliances, interstate associations with collective obligations or responsibilities of the parties. We can see these main principles in the Foreign Policy Conception of Neutral Turkmenistan for 2017 — 2023. Neutrality status of Turkmenistan made it a very active participant of international affairs since its very first years of Independency. Turkmenistan was accepted as a member of the United Nations in 1992. In 1995, Turkmenistan was recognized as a permanently neutral country. Positive Neutral status of Turkmenistan has provided vast possibilities to create good co-operation in the region. The establishment of United Nations Regional Centre for Preventive Diplomacy in Central Asia in Ashgabat can be given as a positive outcome of the neutrality policy.

Sultanbent, a famous Monument of Ancient Merv

Many traces of man-made fortresses, buildings, different constructions have been preserved on the Turkmen land, as the signs of the hard work of our ancestors. There is much interesting information in historical written sources about some of them. Among these monuments, the most famous is Sultanbent, a special dam built on the banks across the Murgap River. According to written sources left by travellers, Sultanbent has more than a thousand years of history. Speaking about the Murgap River, Al-Maqdisi, the Arab geographer, who lived in the 10th century, wrote that its water was stored in one place until it was full and then the water went towards Merv. The Arab geographer wrote that about ten thousand people worked under the Emir's supervision over the river protecting people from water floods. It can be assumed that the place where the Arab geographer claims that the water overflowing near that dam is an ancient form of the present water structure of Sultanbent. Pointing to the idea that there where the water overflowed was a specially restored dam, Maqdisi himself wrote: «The Murgap River is blocked by very beautiful wooden dams about 6-7 kilometres from Merv. To control the water level, measurements were made on the board with a dotted line in the middle of the river. When the level of the water rises to the sixtieth line, it gave hope that the year would be fruitful. The p

The ecological Policy of Turkmenistan is aimed at securing of universal well-being

Protection of natural resources, beautiful sights of nature, passing them to future generations is one of the main trends of humanistic, aimed at the interests of people policies pursued by our esteemed President. Wide-scale works are being carried out in our country on careful approach to natural resources and using them rationally. Owing to the great efforts of our esteemed President the state of Turkmenistan established multilateral co-operation with international and interregional organizations on the problems of securing ecological safety, protection of the environment. Turkmenistan takes an active part in carrying out important conventions, programs and projects of the UNO on protection of the environment. As is known Turkmenistan fulfilled the Chairmanship of the International Fund on Saving the Aral Sea in 2017-2019. The main tasks of this Fund is aimed at on solving the ecology problems of the Aral Sea in complex, taking into account the interests of all the countries of Central Asia, economically using the water resources and using it jointly and protecting it from pollution.

Education is the foundation of development

Our Esteemed President notes wisely: «Stable foundation of every state is closely connected with high rates of its development, social living level and with the policy of education and science carried out in the country». It testifies that the development of the education system became one of the primary trends of the state policy in our powerful state developing with high rates. That is why following the primary principles of education and science in our Motherland in this connection the vital political, economical and cultural tasks on developing our country are being realized. In September of 2017 the «Conception of Developing the Digital Education System in Turkmenistan» was adopted according to Decree signed by our esteemed President. This Conception is important in improving the quality of education through the provision of high-quality electronic information at all stages of the education system and the widespread use of digital equipment. In the new historic epoch, systematic works are being carried out on putting into practice the «Conception of Developing the Digital Education System in Turkmenistan». Modern educational centres are being built and put into operation in our white city Ashgabat and in velayats. All of these educational centres offer opportunities to conduct lessons in an interactive way using multimedia resources. Conducting lessons through interactive

Magtymguly — the poet of the soul of humanity

Gurbanguly BERDIMUHAMEDOV,President of Turkmenistan: — Magtymguly Pyragy is a great poet who created wonderful works and spread philosophy, traditions, spiritual melodies and dreams of our people formed in centuries in the world. Our people accepted his fine poems calling upon the people to unity, friendship, humaneness as the spiritual guide, as the rules of life. In order to study the rich and valuable literary heritage of Magtymguly Pyragy, included into the golden treasury of the world literature, his world outlook, the philosophical ideas of his poems, his influence on the Turkmen life in the 18th and 19th centuries, to show the indissoluble connection of his creative work with scientific – cultural life of Turkmen people and the whole East through digital technologies, to draw attention of the international scientific — literary community to his poetic world and with the aim to celebrate the 300th Anniversary of the birthday of this great poet and philosopher on the international level, the 300th Anniversary of the Birthday of Magtymguly Pyragy, the great philosopher and classic poet of the East will be celebrated on the high organizational level in 2024 according to the Decree of our esteemed President. Of course the monument constructed at the beautiful foot – hills of the Kopetdag Mountains, making eternal the image of Magtymguly Pyrag

The book is a spiritual wealth

In all periods of history the Turkmen people looked upon the book with a special respect and love. They looked upon the book as the main means containing immortalizing and spiritual-moral values in itself. Highly appreciating the book as the transforming force of the society our esteemed President wisely noted: «The book is similar to the candle which is brought into the dark room. Historical books light up the darkness of the past. It satisfies the desire of the human being to perceive the reality, the truth. That is why the human generations worship books and works. The book is the fruit of science, the flower of culture. If books are published much the science and culture will flourish too. If science flower, our history will flower, the fates of the whole humanity, our days, our future will become a flower garden». And also our Hero Arkadag especially notes that real values are not material wealth, they are in people, in their knowledge, in their profession level and in the result of their honest labour. The fruitful works are being put into practice on acceleration of technological development of educational establishments, on creation of electronic information base for all levels of education and for making them available through a special network. Enriching the content of the education for youth of educational establishments in the result of providing all the stages of e

Ashgabat the city of friendship and beauty

This year announced as «Turkmenistan — Home of Peace and Trust» has been marked with glorious events. One of them was the celebration of the 140th Anniversary of Ashgabat, the capital of our Fatherland on the 25th of May. Ashgabat is the crossroad for the life paths of many Turkmen people. Many Turkmen poets and writers created their masterpieces in connection with Ashgabat, because it is the city that unites all the people of Turkmenistan. Many great events took place in this city, the capital of Turkmenistan. Each building or street of the city reminds of historical events like a symbolic monument.

Large sport holiday

Gurbanguly BERDIMUHAMEDOV,President of Turkmenistan: — In the Epoch of Might and Happiness mass popularization of the bicycle sport and combination of cycling with effective recreation show the further growth of interest of our people following the healthy way of life and becoming of physical culture and sport the inseparable part of the common culture of our society. Marking the 3rd of June as the World Bicycle Day has become a good tradition. Establishment of the World Bicycle Day by the General Assembly of the UNO on the initiative of our esteemed President once again showed creative, humanistic and peace-loving features of Turkmenistan. To be exact, at the 82nd meeting of the 72nd session of the General Assembly of the UNO on the initiative of Turkmenistan the Resolution was adopted and 56 states were in co-authorship of the Resolution on the World Bicycle Day. The declaration the 3rd of June as the World Bicycle Day vividly showed that the initiatives of our country on strengthening peace, friendship and fruitful co-operation are unanimously supported on the world level. This historic event testifies increasing of international authority of our country and its faithfulness to peace-loving, humanistic and fruitful co-operation traditions. A special attention is paid to development of bicycle sport in our country. Organizing mass bicycle trip

Important events of the epoch of prosperity

Every day of the year «Turkmenistan — the Home of Peace and Trust» in which we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of our Independence is full of glorious events. It inspires all the people of our Fatherland, going forward under guidance of our esteemed President and fills our prosperous life with joy and happiness. In April of the year «Turkmenistan — the Home of Peace and Trust» several opening ceremonies of modern buildings showing the exact results of the changes carried out under the guidance of our esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and development of our country with rapid spaces. These ceremonies were held in honour of the 30th Anniversary of Independence of Turkmenistan, the 140th Anniversary of Ashgabat and of the year «Turkmenistan-the Home of Peace and Trust».

Ashgabat –the city of beauty and love

Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, President of Turkmenistan:— In the Epoch of Might and Happiness our beautiful capital with its wonderful palaces, high buildings, constructions of different significance includes the great achievements of the advanced engineering-technical views in it as the example of the present level attained by the economic growth of the country and the national architectural traditions continued in centuries. In Independent, permanently Neutral Turkmenistan under the guidance of our esteemed President the ceremonial events taking place in connection with the Independence of our country and the 140th Anniversary of our marble coated city of Ashgabat widely spread. Opening and giving for exploitation of large buildings, structures for production and social purposes on the eve of these dates increases more the beauty of our marble city and regions.

Peace and trust: goals of the globe

On April 15, 2021, there were two opening ceremonies of magnificent buildings — a new building of Congress Centre of Turkmenistan and Reception Centre in the southern part of our capital with the participation of our esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. Moreover, international conference session, so called «International Co-operation of Independent and Permanent Neutral Turkmenistan in Honour of Peace and Trust» was held in the splendid Congress Centre on that day. After the opening ceremony, the President of Turkmenistan opened the session and noted that this splendid facility designed to become a welcoming and comfortable place for meetings of multi-format discussions of topical issues of international life. During the session, it was highly evaluated that Turkmenistan participates actively in building priorities of trust and mutual understanding, following positive neutrality and maintaining international peace within the framework of the UN. As we know, on the initiative of our esteemed President this year has been called «International Year of Peace and Trust» by the UN and this initiative reflected as our motto of 2021 as «Turkmenistan — the Home of Peace and Trust. Therefore, it was symbolic that with the opening of this new building the first congress session was held in honor of Peace and Trust. It is fact that the value of peace, sustainable development an

Turkmenistan — Unesco: paving roads from the homeland

In a modern diplomacy the cultural diplomacy is considered the core of public diplomacy. It includes the exchange of ideas, information, art, language and other aspects of culture among countries in order to foster mutual understanding. The main purpose is to protect the national interests of states by spreading a positive understanding around the world. Nowadays states more actively use positive platforms such as organizations to promote their national interests. One of these kinds of organizations is UNESCO which stands for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Turkmenistan became the member of UNESCO on August 17, 1993, and since then, a special mechanism has been established at the national level for systematic co-operation with this organization. The national mechanism of work consists of the National Commission of Turkmenistan for UNESCO and the Permanent Mission of Turkmenistan to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.