The transport-communication system: development of mutually beneficial co-operation

29 September 2022

Being loyal to peace-loving, positive Neutrality and foreign policy trend based on fruitful international co-operation traditions, on the problem of mutual relations, including within the limits of the UNO and other authoritative organizations occupying the active position our state of Turkmenistan puts forward initiatives on creating numerous many branched modern transport structure in the regional and transcontinental scale. In this connection it should be noted that on the 15-16th of August the International Forum organized by the transport ministers of the Developing States which have no the sea exit and other interested parties was held under the patronage of the UNO in the «Avaza» National Tourist Zone.

On the initiative of Turkmenistan the authoritative regional and inter-regional organizations, the representatives of about 40 states and of more than 30 international organizations took part in this Forum held under patronage of the UNO. As it is known the initiative of holding this forum in our country was put forward by Turkmenistan and it was confirmed by the Decree of the General Assembly of the UNO adopted in 2021.