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To new heights of prog­ress with Ar­ka­dag

The ne­west his­to­ry of in­de­pen­dent, per­ma­nent­ly Neut­ral Turk­me­nis­tan, gover­ned by our He­ro Ar­ka­dag is de­fi­ned as the Revival of the new Epoch of the Po­wer­ful Sta­te. Accor­ding to the far­sigh­ted and scien­ti­fical­ly con­fir­med po­licy of our He­ro Ar­ka­dag to en­su­re the po­li­tical, econo­mic, social and ot­her rights and free­doms of every per­son of our Mot­her­land, to strengt­hen the de­mocra­tic norms and le­gal foun­da­tions of the count­ry and society we­re de­fi­ned as the prio­ri­ties of our sta­te po­licy.

Turk­me­nis­tan-Unesco: co-ope­ra­tion in the cul­tu­ral-hu­ma­nis­tic sys­tem

Hu­ma­nism be­gins from the cul­tu­re and tra­di­tions of peop­le. Our Na­tio­nal Lea­der no­tes: «The roots fee­ding the best tra­di­tions of hu­ma­nism live in cul­tu­re». Po­pu­la­ri­zing our na­tio­nal he­ri­ta­ge in the world space, in con­necti­on with it wi­de­ning of in­ter­na­tio­nal re­la­tions in the sys­tem of hu­ma­nism are the pri­ma­ry trends of the sta­te po­licy. At pre­sent, a special at­ten­tion is pa­id to deep­ly stu­dying of the rich his­to­ry and the na­tio­nal he­ri­ta­ge of the Turk­men peop­le. Every na­tion ma­na­ging to int­ro­duce their na­tio­nal he­ri­ta­ge in­to the list of the values of hu­ma­ni­ty leaves de­served trace in the his­to­ry. Wi­de op­por­tu­ni­ties are crea­ted to stu­dy on the scien­ti­fic ba­sis, to col­lect, to po­pu­la­ri­ze our ma­te­rial and spi­ri­tual values in­he­ri­ted by our ances­tors. Du­ring ma­ny cen­tu­ries crea­ting ma­te­rial and spi­ri­tual values our peop­le ma­ke a great cont­ri­bu­tion to the world cul­tu­re.

The youth — the future of our country

Under the leadership of our He­ro Ar­kadag in the Epoch of Might and Happiness rising to the new heights of development, of reforms the material and spiritual values of the Turkmen people, is in accordance with natural laws. Because our people inspired by the bright happy future and successful achievements of our powerful state go forward with confidence at the speed of a racer to the glorious future. Under the wise and far-sighted leadership the care for people became one of the primary trends of the state policy. In our Motherland going forward towards new heights of development the young generation of our Motherland get education in accordance with the demands of our times, the achievements of new technologies are introduced into the life the youth. As our Hero Arkadag teaches the works carried out in this direction are realized based on national traditions and wisdom. Our He­ro Ar­kadag underlines: «In order to achieve bringing up our youth well educated and of high culture, with the aim of achieving their deserved contribution to the treasury of the world science, technology and culture all conditions should be created. Leaning upon the science and education, on the basis of ancient traditions of the Turkmen people and universal human values all the works of educating and bringing up the youth should be improved».

The art, the melodies of which spread in the world

Inscribing the workmanship of making dutar, the two-stringed Turkmen musical instrument, playing melodies on it and the art of bagshy, the Turkmen musician and singer on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO became an important historical event. This Resolution was unanimously adopted on 13-18 December of 2021 at the 16th session of the Intergovernmental Committee of UNESCO for the safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage held in Paris and the origin of corresponding Certificate was delivered on the 30th of January of this year from UNESCO. In the Epoch of Might Happiness as a result of efforts of our He­ro Ar­ka­dag carefully preserving our national heritage is one of the primary trends of the state policy. Complex of works on studying and popularizing the art of music of our people are carried out in our country. Developing scientific relations, wide co-operation with foreign scientific centres and the international structures in this trend, including UNESCO is one of the important trends.

The turkmen alabay– Our national value

Protecting national values and popularizing them in the world is one of the primary trends of the state policy constantly put into practice by our He­ro Ar­kadag. Improving further the selection of species and the number of the Turkmen Alabay dogs became an important trend of wide-scale works carried out in this sphere. The book «Turkmen Alabay» by our Esteemed President tells about the role of the Alabay dogs in the life and fate of the Turkmen people. The book tells about the origin and development of the species of the Alabay dogs, about scientific research works, reflections, historical and literary information. In May of 2020 the «Turkmen Alabay Dogs» Association was established. Its main aim is constantly increasing the number of Turkmen Alabay dogs, using the national selection methods and dog-breeding traditions reaching the international level. And it vividly shows that the care for the Alabay dogs which are considered devoted comrades and the national pride on level of the country gives positive results. The archaeological finds discovered during the archaeological excavations in the territory of Turkmenistan in Altyndepe, Gongurdepe, in Nusay, in Dangdanakan located in 60 km. from ancient Merv prove that the Alabay dogs are one of the ancient the species. As a result of the archaeological excavations in different parts of our country historians discovered the traces

Digital education reforms

In the Epoch of Might and Happiness as a result of the works carried out by our Scientist Arkadag the care of the young generation has become one of the primary trends of the state policy. In accordance with the demands of present times, fruitful works are carried out in our country for bringing up the young generation as the educated people, of high culture, for their getting profession, being healthy, for taking part of them in creative scientific work, for upbringing them as the devoted people to our Motherland, to our people, to the traditions of our great ancestors. In accordance with the tasks defined in the state and national programs adopted in our Motherland works on supplying them with text-books and training appliances, the new technologies and educational technical equipments meeting the world demands are carried out constantly too. And also the last achievements of science and innovational educational methods are introduced into the educational system.

2022 Is the year of «The epoch of the people with Arkadag»

The New Year is a holiday of joy and prosperity. That is why in the Epoch of Might and Happiness there is a special pleasure of meeting this wonderful holiday with goodwill dreams and new achievements of labour. And now, these days, under the wise guidance of our Hero Arkadag our united, industrious people seeing off 2021, one of the fruitful years, celebrate the New Year, 2022 with high inspiration. Holiday trade being organized in our country abundance of goods, presents and other forms of products can be seen in the shops and in the trade centres of our capital and provinces of our country. Decoration of our marble-coated capital and other cities and villages in accordance with celebration of the New Year shows that this wonderful and favourite holiday waited for eagerly is filled with joy and merriment. Different events held by the workers of art and culture have a wide scale. On the occasion of the New Year. According to the program devoted to the holiday numerous concerts of variety singers of our country and foreign countries were held regularly.

Reliable way of equal rights co-operation and development

Under the wise guidance of our Hero Arkadag, being loyal to principle of permanent Neutrality, with its initiatives in foreign policy Turkmenistan actively joins in the world community. Strengthening the Neutrality status of Turkmenistan, which is indestructible pillar of our Independence, occupying an important place in realizing successfully farsighted and fruitful international policy on the basis of Resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization, is the special foundation of that historical way. Beginning since the first days of its Independence, side by side establishing mutually beneficial relations with all the states of the world, including the international organizations, our country makes great efforts in order to make that co-operation on the level of the world community on the basis of friendly and mutually beneficial relations. At present Turkmenistan is widely known in the world as the state putting forward not only its own national interests, but also as the state following the regional co-operation, the goodwill, beneficial bilateral and multilateral relations, putting forward important international initiatives. Strengthening the universal peace and security is the main primary trend of foreign policy carried out by our Neutral state. In accordance with it, taking into consideration the situation formed in the region and the whole world,

The Source of national Values

The books, scientific works, books in many volumes written by our National Leader, which are popular in our country and abroad, are valuable sources in upbringing the young generation in the spirit of patriotism and on the basis of moral values created during the centuries. The ideas of necessity of deeply studying, safeguarding and popularizing our national culture of our people who are proud of their five thousand year glorious history which is reliable basis for further raising spiritual upbringing in the new historical epoch is the key-note of the book «Traditions of Turkmen Statehood» by our Esteemed President. This literary-philosophical work serves for widely popularizing the spiritual heritage of the Turkmen people in the world. Of course, according to the contents the invaluable book «Traditions of Turkmen Statehood» by our Hero Arkadag, clearly showing his efforts on successively collecting very valuable people’s art and non-material values, deeply studying and popularizing them, is a model of school in paying respect to traditions and spiritual pillars of our people which go back to the depth of centuries by their roots, in studying the sources and information reached till our days.

Our fault (Gurbannazar Ezizov)

I often happened to offend,And far from once offended was.Lone I felt, though not alone,(It’s plain for those who bore same cross). Not seeing, I passed by lots of things,And shut my eyes to things a lot.But after years I did revealThat not of others was the fault.

Camel’s ,milk is medicine of illness

Saying «Camels are the world animals», «The rich man with camels is rich by the world treasure» the Turkmen people paid a great respect to camels. The camel’s meat, milk, wool are also have medicinal properties. Because of endurance of camel of waterless situation its meat is considered the medicine fighting against hot dry wind. Because even in the very hot days of summer camel can walk a week without water. The camel’s milk is considered as an invaluable natural beverage in strengthening the human body. It contains different oils. The camel’s milk, agaran, is a very valuable drink for quenching thirst. Besides that it is also a remedy for treating the diseases of kidneys and lungs. The clothes made of camel’s wool are medicinal and pleasant for human body. The table-cloth made of camel’s wool is considered sacred among the Turkmen people and the whole Muslim world. The species of arvana and bugra of camels which reached our days are considered one of the successes in cattle-breeding of our ancestors. Camel breeding is considered as a special art among the Turkmen people. Our ancestors considered Soltan Veyis as the sacred father of camels and they organized parties in honour of him. During centuries the caravans of camels traveled constantly along the Great Silk Road. In the last years different diets are kept in European countries to keep healthy the body. But in spite of h

The Ashgabat summit of the ECO-

the new Opportunities for fruitful Co-operation The foreign policy of Turkmenistan carried out on the basis of positive Neutrality traditions has a great significance in active developing international relations. Those relations fully correspond to the aims of universal efforts directed at attaining and securing prosperity and success in the region and the world.

Neutrality and diplomacy — bases of peace and development

Turkmenistan as a full member of the world community of nations, has an active foreign policy, a key objective of which is to assist in worldwide to the efforts of countries to maintain and promote global security, prevent and neutralize the threat of conflicts, ensure conditions for a peaceful and stable development of the countries and peoples, which facilitates constructive international dialogue. Foreign policy of Neutral Turkmenistan has proven the effectiveness of its diplomacy of peaceful living, good neighborliness and mutually beneficial partnership with all interested parties. The core of the foreign policy of the country, developed by our Esteemed President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, organically combines the fundamental principles of international law and diplomacy, as well as the positive experience of implementing large-scale initiatives to strengthen international co-operation. On the basis of its status, Turkmenistan succeeded to secure partnerships with the major international organizations and to build good-neighborly and equal relations with neighboring states. Neutral foreign policy of the country, in conjunction with the rich resource potential, attracts increasing flow of foreign investments into the economy and contributes to enhancement of the life quality of the population.

Is the basis of development and goodwill co-operation

The foreign policy of our Motherland Turkmenistan is based on its neutrality, peace loving and goodwill international traditions. In the Epoch of Might and Happiness the creative initiatives of our Esteemed President put forward with the aim of strengthening of universal peace, security and stability meet wide support in the whole world. Our Neutral state is widely known in the world as the state putting forward inter regional co-operation, goodwill, mutually beneficial bilateral and multilateral relations in foreign policy. Following the international legal status of Neutrality and taking into consideration the situation formed in the region and the whole world, our Motherland successfully realizes the foreign policy directed at securing the universal prosperity and peaceful development, positive solution of the most important problems of the present times, at regulating mutual understanding and its stability. The growing interests for establishing long term and multilateral relations with our secular, democratic and legal state show that the «Open doors» policy of Turkmenistan manifests itself brightly in all the events of international importance. The adoption of the Resolution «2021 — the International Year of Peace and Trust» at the 106th general meeting of the 73rd session of the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization on the 12th of September of 2019 on the i

Years marked by permanent Neutrality

December 12, 1995 is the official day of the recognition of the status of Turkmenistan's eternal neutrality. This date has been widely celebrated every year as a national holiday and was adopted unanimously 26 years ago with a corresponding resolution. As we know, there is another truth December 12th was unanimously adopted at the 71st session of the UN General Assembly on February 2, 2017 «International Neutrality Day». Now, this day is widely celebrated every year as International Neutrality Day by all countries of the world.

In defence of universal prosperity

The wide-scale great works and creating conditions for working and living in prosperous life of our people realized by our Esteemed President, standing at the sources of our successes and a happy life have a great significance in protection of the beautiful nature of our country, in enriching more its flora and fauna and widely studying them from scientific point of view. The wise words of our National Leader who said: «Since the first days of Independence of Turkmenistan the problems of protection of environment, rational use of natural resources and increasing them, securing the ecological safety of the country have been raised to the level of the state policy» show that the ecological strategy of our country is aimed not only at developing of our country, but it also directed at sustainable economic and social development of the region, at securing the universal prosperity. Of course, these humanistic principles are based on innovational technologies and the century-old national traditions. In connection with it, that our country has advanced experiences in protection of environment arouse a great interest of international community. The events held on the occasion of the World Cycle Day, widely marked every year on the 3rd of June showed that they are the example not only for sports but also for supporting of ecological projects and aims. As our Hero Arkadag underlines in h

Strengthening international co-operation for promoting Sustainable development and «green» growth

Over the years of its independence, Turkmenistan has achieved great progress in different spheres and has become a prosperous developing country. As a result, nowadays, under the leadership of our Esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov Independent and Permanently Neutral Turkmenistan plays an active role in developing peaceful, friendly, and mutually beneficial relations with the world community and countries of the region. Thus, our country, by the initiatives of our Esteemed President, successfully co-operates globally and on the regional level in such spheres as promoting sustainable development, timely and properly addressing challenges related to water supply, climate change, ecological, energy safety, rational use of natural resources and other issues. Underlining the importance of forming the transport and transit corridors at the international and regional levels and issues of ecological and environmental sustainability our Hero Arkadag puts forward a number of essential initiatives dedicated to the creation of the most favorable conditions for people’s lives.

The ways of happiness of our Arkadag are radiant

Turkmenabat Autobahn. This Autobahn was given the Certificate for using innovational high technologies in construction of the high speed autobahn by the Department of Transport Communications and Structures of the city of Dornbirn of Austria. In our country rushing forward at the speed of a racer to new heights of achievements the engineering structures aimed at creating the «golden ring» of the transport–communication system, including the automobile highways and railroads, bridges, airports, connecting the states and peoples of the world are being regularly built and given for exploitation. On the 29th of October our Esteemed President took part in the opening and giving for exploitation ceremony of the Ashgabat-Tejen part of the Ashgabat-Turkmenabat Autobahn. As our National Leader notes the realization of this great project is an evident example of comprehensive development of our country.

Neutrality —the bright way of peace and development

In the year «Turkmenistan – the Home of Peace and Trust» under the guidance of our Esteemed President, standing at the sources of all of our successes great achievements are attained and high positions are occupied. These great works put into practice show that the great changes carried out for the sake of people owing to the wise policy of our Hero Arkadag and as a result of it our Motherland goes forward along the way of great achievements to brilliant future. In the work of strengthening the universal peace, global security and stability our country pays a special attention to co-operation with large and authoritative international organizations, first of all, with the UNO. Beginning since the first days of gaining Independence Turkmenistan accepted the noble initiatives of the UNO as the aims fully corresponding to mutual co-operation with International Union. Thus during the past 30 years of our Independence using the positive experience of bilateral and multilateral co-operation with foreign countries our Motherland fundamentally developed the international co-operation in all trends. The whole world recognizes that Independent Turkmenistan has chosen the way of Neutrality owing to the glorious history our people.

Protection of consumers’ rights in Turkmenistan

In the Epoch of Might and Happiness a great progress has been attained in all spheres of the economy of our Motherland. Acting under the motto of our Esteemed President «The State is for People!» our country is reaching high points. In his speech at the session of the People's Council of the National Council of Turkmenistan on April 14, 2021 our Esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov underlined: «The People's Council must legislate the humanitarian policy of our state in the field of protecting human rights and freedoms. Our state must further improve the legal framework of human rights, in accordance with the governing norms of international law». This assignment of the Head of State ensures the achievement of very important goals, the further dissemination of democratic principles in society, the protection of human and civil rights and freedoms, and the creation of favorable conditions for their implementation. In this regard, it is important to study the legal framework for consumers’ rights protection.