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Happy youth and new historical epoch

«Happy youth with Arkadag Serdar» — the motto Turkmenistan has chosen for the year 2023 once again reaffirms the trust and faith bestowed by the nation upon the young generation who are called upon to preserve the inherited accomplishments of predecessors and take the country to the new horizons of development in the historical period of national development called «Revival of the New Epoch of the Powerful State». This decision has been primarily preconditioned by the consistent, comprehensive, and, most importantly longstanding practical activities of the state aimed at shaping the individual growth of young Turkmen citizens, creating all necessary opportunities for strengthening their intellectual, creative and spiritual potential in the interests of society and the state. In this regard, it is important to underscore that during the years of sovereign development, Turkmenistan has gradually laid the foundation for further reinforcement of the state youth policy and managed to create the necessary prerequisites for the active involvement of young citizens in the socio-economic and political life of the country. As a result, today we see that having invested in young people on a long-term basis, our society has successfully fulfilled the main tasks assigned to it in this regard. Esteemed President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov in his inaugural speech confirmed his com

Аrkadag city: a grandiose urban development project in Turkmenistan

The new, modern administration center of Ahal velayat, which is being built in the sacred historical land of our courageous ancestors, in the Gokdepe district of Ahal velayat, enters the history of independence of the country as a new page. At present, the architectural image of the modern city reflects the rapid social and economic development of the Motherland, our national heritage, spiritual values, and the rich history and cultural traditions of our people. The «smart» city concept, based on the scientific and theoretical views of our Hero Arkadag, reflected in the appropriate forms and buildings under construction, is actually at the forefront of the world’s urban development experience.

Magtymguly Pyragy’s poems

The words of our Hero Arkadag who wrote: «Not only the Turkmen people but also the other nations of the whole world pay a great respect to the poetic world of Magtymguly Pyragy» really characterize the talent of this great Turkmen poet. The poetry of Magtymguly Pyragy, the great Turkmen poet and thinker became a new landmark in the development of the Turkmen literary language and literature. The truthful description of the life of the Turkmen people and important problems of the Turkmen society of that time, humanistic ideas put forward, exposure of bad deeds and praising in songs good characteristic traits of people have become the magnetic force of Magtymguly’s poetry. The collections of Magtymguly’s poems have been published for several times. Hundreds of articles have been published in newspapers, magazines and other issues in our country and abroad. Scientific conferences dedicated to the study of Magtymguly’s poetry have been held regularly.  Magtymguly, the classic Turkmen poet of the 18th century, according to existing scientific informations was born in 1724 in the village of Hajygowshan located near the Gurgen River. Magtymguly was from the Gerkez group of the Gokleng tribe of Turkmens. His unique talent raised his authority and popularity of his poetry beginning from the 19th century. 

Sultan of saints

When we think about the city of Koneurgench, the capital of the state whose reputation once spread to seven continents, we realize that in the past, Koneurgench was a great cultural centre of Oghuz Turkmens, a flourishing place of science, culture, and art. This land is a holy land that gave birth to great thinkers, world-famous scientists, masters, and poets. The great buildings of the past! The mysterious pages of history tell many strange and mysterious stories about those buildings. Those stories about the great buildings of the ancient Koneurgench, the information that looks like fairy tales compared to today's view, correspond to the time when the fiery heels of fierce enemies did not yet tread on this land. In fact, they are cited not only in the memoirs of one or two historians, but in many books.

Turkmenistan-Emirates: the new page of co-operation

The relations between Turkmenistan and the United Arab Emirates are developed rapidly in bilateral and multi-lateral forms within the limits of regional and international organizations. The official visit to the United Arab Emirates and high level talks of our Esteemed President Serdar Berdimuhamedov on 21-22 of November were aimed at opening new, important pages in interstate relations. As we know, during the visit with participation of delegates of the two countries the bilateral talks of the high level with widened structure were held. As it was noted by the President of the UAE the effective foreign policy and creative initiatives of Neutral Turkmenistan widely recognized by the world community are fully supported. The two friendly countries which are the states having rich natural resources, conveniently located geographically, developing at high rates, all of them open great opportunities for mutually beneficial co-operation in the trade-economic sphere. In order to use fruitfully the existing opportunities in this trend an important place is given to the Joint Committee and the Business Council formed for co-operation between the Trade-industry Establishment of Turkmenistan and with the Federation of Trade-industry Establishments of the United Arab Emirates.

Permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan: peace, trust and universal development

Achievements in the spheres of policy, culture and economy, progress and development as well as international authority that have been gained by our country since the day when international status of Permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan was recognized by the Resolution adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization with unanimous support of 185 world states, has shown the correctness of the way chosen by our state. Within that period of time, Turkmenistan took upon itself a heavy burden of maintenance of peace both in the region and the whole world and carried out vast activities in this sphere. Turkmenistan, relying on tasks and objectives originating from its legal status of Permanent Neutrality, carries out large-scope activities concerning providing and maintenance of universal peace, global safety and sustainable development and thus, significantly widens the scope of mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign states as well as international organizations. This is completely witnessed by the fact that Turkmenistan, up to present moment, has been maintaining diplomatic relations with numerous states and has been actively participating in the activity of major international organizations as their member.

The importance of International health care

The World Health Organization (WHO) is the global authority on public health within the United Nations. Founded in 1948, WHO collaborates with the governments of 194 Member States to ensure the highest attainable level of health for all. Currently, more than 7000 people work in 150 country offices, 6 regional offices and at the headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The Organization’s work is guided by the principle that health is a human right, and it seeks to extend universal health coverage, protect people from health emergencies, and ensure that all people enjoy better health and well-being. Turkmenistan is part of the WHO European Region, which comprises 53 countries: this Region covers a vast geographical area reaching from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans. WHO staff in the Region are public health, scientific and technical experts, based in the Regional Office in Copenhagen, Denmark, in five technical centres and in country offices in 30 Member States.

Turkmen school of painting in the 15th century

As it has been shown in the book «Turkmenistan — the Heart of the Great Silk Road» (Ashgabat, 2017) by our Hero Arkadag, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov the roots of the Turkmen culture go back to the ancient times. The book gives the historical materials and books written about the art and cultural traditions of the Turkmen people. Among them «The Book» of Marco Polo (1254-1324) tells about the ornaments designed by the Turkmen women, their decorations, famous Turkmen carpets, their designs which are striking evidence of the existence of the Turkmen art of painting since the ancient times. The pictures of animals, birds, plants depicted on the Turkmen carpets, charms and decorations show aspirations of their creators, quest for perfection since the ancient times. The Islamic religion founded by Prophet Muhammad in the 7th century militated against the pre-Islamic tradition of making figures and depicting the living beings. Once I asked my grandfather the reason for this, he said: «There is a popular belief that if you draw a picture, then those beings depicted in the picture will ask you on doomsday, in that eternal world, to make them alive and give them souls, but you cannot make them alive, because everything is in the hands of the Almighty Allah». It is evident that such beliefs are closely connected with Muslim traditions.

New pages of archeology of Turkmenistan

Every year in June our country celebrates the Day of Science. Owing to the efforts our Esteemed President Serdar Berdimuhamedov all branches of science of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan develop intensively. In this regard, both compatriots and others are pleased to report that the staff of the Institute of History and Archeology of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan continues to discover new and interesting things during excavations, thus replenishing the collection of its museum. Every year archaeological research is carried out in spring and autumn. But the pathfinders of the history of the Archeological Research Institute of the same name, for example, the participants in the excavations, working there, of course, only by vocation, and therefore motivated, found it expedient to end this archaeological season a little later. This is on the eve of the commemoration of the day of science, which has become another incentive to work, which was pleasantly provoked by the newly noticed carefully recovered finds. In a word, for almost the entire first ten days of June, every year [on weekdays, since the weather "allowed from morning until the onset of heat], we complete the excavations. The Turkmen people say: «If you get up early, you would have a good day». At this stage, our institute is conducting more than one field study on objects of retro-culture, once created

Garden is decoration of life

The International Certificate given to the city of Ashgabat for its support through tree-planting actions and its contribution to the initiative «Gardens in the city» of the European Economic Commission of the UNO proves the recognition of successes of our country in protection of ecology and environment on the international level and success in turn in foreign policy of our country. At the session of the Cabinet of Ministers on the 22nd of April of this year our Esteemed President congratulating our people with important events underlined that the programs and projects of Turkmenistan and the UNO directed at attaining the sustainable development have been successfully realized by common efforts. For the sake of securing national and universal ecological safety the National Forest Program including the tasks of tree planting around the towns and villages, along automobile highways and railroads in our country is successfully being realized. Because protecting nature is one of the important trends of the state policy of Turkmenistan. It consists of taking care of health, creating good living conditions and for having a rest of people. In March of this year organization of tree planting event started by our Esteemed President in our capital devoted to the day of International Novruz Holiday—our National Spring Holiday vividly shows this truth.


The Regulation of the Competition Our Independent, permanently Neutral state of Turkmenistan is famous for its beautiful tourist areas, cultural values and beauty. The competition is held in order to spread the artistic value of beautiful places, historical and cultural monuments, various purpose-built buildings and cultural recreation zones of our country that add beauty to the capital city and regional centres. Competitions held in this field help to increase the creative inspiration of journalists and creative workers.

Opening of the «Tashkent» Park in a Solemn Atmosphere.

 The negotiations held in the framework of  the official visit of the delegates from Uzbekistan to our capital city to develop high level co-operation leading to bright future is a great impetus. Our Independent and Neutral Turkmenistan playing a great role for accelerating relationship with neighbouring countries for the benefit of sustainable development. 

Description of medicines of our country

Our ancestors, who  said  «Healthy pear will not fall off its stem»,  knew  first of all the  necessity of health for continuation of life. For that reason they managed to prevent diseases and disorders which occurred through various methods. Abu Ali Ibn Sina, known in the country as Lukman Hekim (Doctor of Medicine), who devoted most of his life to making medicine against various diseases, also left us some valuable information related to the protection of human health in his treatises. Looking at it from a modern point of view, the multi-volume scientific and encyclopedic book «Medicinal plants of Turkmenistan» which provides indispensable information about the thousands of types of medicinal plants growing in our country, their health benefits, is enough to strengthen human body, to prevent diseases and to prolong life.

Our Esteemed President Serdar Berdimuhamedov paid the state visit to the Republic of Kazakhstan

On the 14th of October our Esteemed President Serdar Berdimuhamedov paid the two days state visit in order to take part in the two summit meetings, in the session of  the Council of the Heads of the CIS and  in the «Central Asia-Russia» Summit held in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan Republic. Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan Republic, Nickol Pashinyan, the Prime Minister of  Armenian Republic, Alexander Lukashenko, the President of the Republic of Belarus, Sadyr Japarov, the President of the Kirghiz Republic, Vladimir Putin, President of Russian Federation, Emomali Rakhmon, the President of the Tajikistan Republic, Shavkat  Mirziyoyev, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Sergey Lebedev, the Head, the Executor Secretary of the CIS took part in the high level meeting held under the Chairmanship of the Head of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The session of  the Council of the Heads of the CIS being held in the «Almata» Congress Centre the President Kasym-Jomart Tokayev congratulating the participants, underlining the participation of Serdar Berdimuhamedov in this meeting for the first time wished him great successes in his state work in the name of the Leaders of the CIS.

Ashgabat- the city of creative work

Yesterday the «Design-2022» Ashgabat Forum  and International Exhibition named «Unlimited Design» were opened at the  Trade-industry Establishment of our capital. Our white-marbled capital’s a lot of buildings which astonish many visitors with their perfect construction  were included  the World Guinness’s Record book as the elite art of architecture. The development of architecture is continued successfully in the year «The Epoch of Nation with Arkadag»  by our Esteemed President.

Present to the speed of the fast horse

When the Turkmen people celebrate  holidays, family events and  other important ceremonies they usually  organize horse-races and then give presents  to  the winners of the horse-races. The organization of horse-races at the  Ahal-Teke  Horse-breeding Sport Complex located near the Kopetdag Mountains on the occasion  of the 31st Anniversary, the glorious holiday of Independence of Turkmenistan vividly showed that  these holiday traditions reached our times passing through centuries. The participation of our Esteemed President Serdar  Berdimuhamedov  in the   ceremony increased more the  number of glorious events. Our Turkmen horse which became  the symbols of art, of national and world  culture during the centuries, at present they  have become the symbol of swift movement of  Independent Neutral Turkmenistan to the  new heights of development. Paying respect to the Turkmen horses,   the   names of which became the heroes of legends  following the noble family traditions The Head of our state pays much attention to the  development of national horse-breeding  branch, to increasing of  its authority in the world,  increasing the interest to horse-race sport and its widely popularization. Taking it into account the Turkmen horse-br

Coast of friendship and brotherhood - Avaza!

Akmyrat MUHADOV It is a gift made for people by ArkadagThe coast of friendship and brotherhood - Avaza!It is radiance shining like golden sun,The coast of friendship and brotherhood - Avaza!

The transport-communication system: development of mutually beneficial co-operation

Being loyal to peace-loving, positive Neutrality and foreign policy trend based on fruitful international co-operation traditions, on the problem of mutual relations, including within the limits of the UNO and other authoritative organizations occupying the active position our state of Turkmenistan puts forward initiatives on creating numerous many branched modern transport structure in the regional and transcontinental scale. In this connection it should be noted that on the 15-16th of August the International Forum organized by the transport ministers of the Developing States which have no the sea exit and other interested parties was held under the patronage of the UNO in the «Avaza» National Tourist Zone. On the initiative of Turkmenistan the authoritative regional and inter-regional organizations, the representatives of about 40 states and of more than 30 international organizations took part in this Forum held under patronage of the UNO. As it is known the initiative of holding this forum in our country was put forward by Turkmenistan and it was confirmed by the Decree of the General Assembly of the UNO adopted in 2021.

Development of education in Turkmenistan during the age of Independence

Since the first days of Independence, the development of the education in Turkmenistan has been in the centre of attention of the Head of State. A range of measures have been taken to develop the national education system. At the same time, special attention is paid to the development of international cooperation in the sphere of education. In our country at the present stage of development, the improvement of the activities of educational institutions continues. More and more students are enrolled in higher educational institutions and colleges year by year. All conditions have been created for citizens to receive good education. Opportunities are expanding for the training of highly qualified scientific and teaching personnel who, on the basis of world educational standards, are able to prepare and educate the generation who are to solve the responsible tasks of the development of society. The legislation in the sphere of education is being consistently improved.

Dutar in the Unesco representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity

The joint action plan between Turkmenistan and UNESCO for 2021 — 2023 has been approved through the efforts of the President of Turkmenistan. According to this plan, it is planned to include historical and cultural monuments in the UNESCO World Heritage List, as well as intangible heritage of the ancient culture of our people, their national experience and spiritual wealth. Recently, the craftsmanship of making dutar and the art of playing it and the art of bagshy has been included in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, which will pass this to future generations and promote the rich historical heritage in the world. The art of playing dutar and bagshy art of the Turkmen people is one of the unique art of the nation.  In this context, our Esteemed President, who equates our culture with the hearts of our people, is making great efforts in the restoration and development of our material and spiritual culture, our art, and the spiritual development of the cultural traditions of the Turkmen people, which is always a source of pride. At present, these precious traditions have a new meaning. Today, cultural diplomacy has become an important part of Turkmenistan’s international relations. At the same time, the conditions created by the State contribute to the qualitatively new development of the ancient national culture, c