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The Eiffel tower is ready for the olympics

«7/24. tm» №25 (212), 17.06.2024 Huge Olympic rings were installed on the Eiffel Tower 50 days before the Olympics.

Sports news

«7/24. tm» №25 (212), 17.06.2024 The Turkmenistan kurash team won 11 medals at the Asian Championships in Tehran

The date and place of the 2024 Ballon d’Or ceremony have been announced

«7/24. tm» №25 (212), 17.06.2024 The ceremony to present the most prestigious award in world football will take place on October 28 at the Chatelet Theater in Paris, reports uefa.com.

The harbinger of peace

The national legislature is being improved to ensure the legal support for the mass physical culture movement and high-level sports thanks to the great concern of the President of Turkmenistan. The Laws of Turkmenistan ‘On Professional Sports’, ‘On Volunteering’, ‘On Physical Education and Sports’ and other legal documents confirm the above-mentioned fact. The Saglyk State Programme, the Programme on the Support and Development of Physical Culture and Sports in Turkmenistan for 2021–2025, and the National Programme for ensuring the healthy well–being of the population in Turkmenistan for 2023-2028 created ample opportunities for the successful implementation of large projects and for the legal basis for the development of high-level sports in the country.

The guide for young people

Excellent conditions are created for the younger generations to become smart, healthy, educated, broad-minded professionals, who master their skills in advanced technologies and sports in our beloved country. It should be noted that the national education system of Turkmenistan improves according to the world standards in the revival of the new epoch of the powerful state. The work implemented on the basis of the concepts of developing the digital education system, improving the teaching of foreign languages, natural and exact sciences yields positive results in the country. Favourable conditions are provided for the effective work of the educational staff and the education of young people at the world level.

Respect for the great thinker

The literary heritage of the great classical poet Magtymguly Pyragy became the voice of the Turkmen people. His sharp mind, wisdom, high dignity, and spiritual wealth represent an unexampled treasure. Each line of the master resounds the souls of the Turkmen people and points to a clear life path. The poetry by the thinker have turned into popular sayings and proverbs. Everyone considers the poet to be a supporter and teacher in work and life. Magtymguly dreamed of a peaceful and happy life for the people, left a wonderful poetic legacy for the following generations, and shared his deep wisdom and feelings. In this context, the importance of the poetry by Magtymguly Pyragy has gone beyond the national borders and has become an integral part of the world literature, a worthy contribution to the wisdom of humanity. The literary heritage of the poet reflects the life of both the Turkmen society, and the whole humanity.

The principles of a healthy lifestyle

Building a healthy society and developing the mass physical culture and sports are the priorities of the wise socially-oriented policy put forward by the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov. Our Hero-Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has noted that sports represent a combination of strength, beauty, health and inspiration. The people who practice sports develop physical and mental strength. The President of Turkmenistan creates great opportunities for the youth to reach their goals with enthusiasm. The international tournaments in various modes of sports held in our country, the construction of modern sports and health complexes, multipurpose stadiums, equestrian centres, motordromes, special sports schools and facilities demonstrate the importance attached to the development of sports in Turkmenistan.

The city of sports opportunities

Turkmenistan has widely celebrated the Ashgabat City Day. On the eve of the celebrations, the Turkmen capital was declared the City of New Sports Opportunities of the Commonwealth. The draft Decision on declaring Ashgabat the City of New Sports Opportunities of the Commonwealth was adopted at the meeting of the Council of Heads of Government of the Commonwealth of Independent States, which was held in the Turkmen capital. This fact enhanced the international prestige of our country and provoked pride of our compatriots. Thanks to the initiatives of the National Leader of the Turkmen people, our Hero-Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and the concern of the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov, the Turkmen capital has been developed and beautified in our epoch. The number of facilities expands rapidly in Ashgabat. Those facilities include the multipurpose sports complexes and centres.

Kazan is planning to become the capital of field hockey

«7/24. tm» №23 (210), 03.06.2024 Within the framework of the XV International Economic Forum «Russia — the Islamic World», held in Kazan, grandiose plans were announced to turn the city into a world center of field hockey. Fisal Hassan, Director of the Kazan International Institute for Cooperation with African and Middle Eastern Countries, shared the news about two ambitious projects that have already been approved.

Turkmenistan ranks 19th in the AFC club rankings

«7/24. tm» №23 (210), 03.06.2024 The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has published an updated club rating based on the results of the completed 2023/2024 season. In this ranking, out of 47 AFC member countries, Turkmenistan is in 19th place, gaining 20,2 points.

Karateka from Turkmenistan won a bronze medal at the Youth League tournament in Spain

«7/24. tm» №22 (209), 27.05.2024 The Turkmen athlete Alymukhammet Kakalyev won a bronze medal at the international «Karate 1 Youth League» tournament of the World Karate Federation (WKF) series, which concluded in the Spanish city of La Coruña.

Volleyball players of Turkmenistan won silver medals at the CAVA Nations League

«7/24. tm» №22 (209), 27.05.2024 The national team of Turkmenistan won silver medals at the Central Asian Volleyball Association (CAVA) Nations League, which concluded in Pakistan with the participation of six teams.

How many billions can the Paris Olympics generate?

«7/24. tm» №22 (209), 27.05.2024 Paris expects the Olympic Games 2024 to generate between EUR 6.7 and 11.1 billion in net economic benefits. RIA Novosti reports referring to the official website of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

A futsal tournament

The Futsal Championship of Ahal Velayat was held at the Multifunctional Sports Complex of the city of Arkadag for the players born in 2009-2011. Five teams took part in the event, which was jointly organized by the Ahal Velayat Main Department on Physical Culture and Sports and the Department on Physical Culture and Sports of the city of Arkadag. The team of the Ahal Velayat sports boarding school for young Olympians and the team of Ak Bugday Etrap met in the final of the tournament. The decisive match was very close and revealed the strongest team. Thus, the team of the Ahal Velayat sports boarding school for young Olympians took the first place. The players of Ak Bugday Etrap became the runners-up, and the representatives of the team of Kaka Etrap entered the top three. The prize-winners received the letters of honour and medals from the Ahal Velayat Main Department on Physical Culture and Sports.

Success of the young tennis player

The young Turkmen tennis player Ilima Guseynova set new records. The 14-year-old Ilima won 4 gold medals at the Tennis Championship of Turkmenistan. The disciple of the experienced coach Mirali Gasanov competed in the U14 and U18 events.

UN General Assembly proclaims May 25 as World Football Day

«7/24. tm» №20 (207), 13.05.2024 The UN General Assembly adopted the Resolution on World Football Day proposed by the Central Asian Football Association (CAFA). The draft resolution was co-sponsored by over 70 UN Member States.

16 Medals of Turkmen Wrestlers

The Turkmen athletes gained the outstanding achievements at the World Universal Combat Cup, winning 16 medals (5 gold, 5 silver and 6 bronze). The Ahal Velayat Open Championships in the Korean martial art hapkido was held at sports school 4 in Anau declared the capital of the Turkic world this year. These two sports are part of the Federation of Hanmudo Martial Arts of Turkmenistan. The World Cup brought together about 360 fighters from over 30 countries in the Turkish city of Erdemli (Mersin Province). The tournament was held in two disciplines: classical (full contact) and light (light version). Turkmenistan was represented by eight athletes and, which is very gratifying, each of them won two medals. They showed the excellent results in both disciplines.

Turkmenistan celebrates World Table Tennis Day

«7/24. tm» №19 (206), 06.05.2024 Table tennis is becoming increasingly popular in Turkmenistan with every passing year. Table tennis fans across the country celebrated World Table Tennis Day on April 23.

Greece hands over Olympic flame of 2024 Games to Paris organisers

«7/24. tm» №19 (206), 06.05.2024 The Olympic flame was handed to a delegation from the Paris 2024 Organising Committee in a symbolic ceremony at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens three months before the start.

Remarkable achievements

The international ice hockey tournament, held in our white marble capital, vividly demonstrated that Turkmenistan has become the home of friendship and the venue for sports events. The victory of the Galkan team at the prestigious tournament, which gathered strong ice hockey teams from ten countries of the world, provoked the pride of the Turkmen people. This success is the result of the state concern for sports in the country, the excellent conditions and opportunities created for the Turkmen athletes. To date, Turkmenistan attaches great importance to the development of sports. Favourable conditions are created for holding large international sports events in the country. Modern sports facilities built and put into operation meet the world standards and deserve special mention in this context. This work inspires the Turkmen athletes to take part in international competitions and achieve success.