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Usage of electrochemicals

The formation of electrochemistry, or, in other words, the invention of chemical and electrical forms of energy, dates back to the ancient Parthian and Merv centuries. We can predict that our ancestors stored the vine and vinegar in clay or metal vessels. They saw that if you put one metal scoop in another metal container with zinc, chemical reactions occur before they come into contact. We assume that most of the alchemists lived in Turkmenistan. Because our homeland is rich in chemical elements, such as sulfur, iodine, bromine, silver, copper and others.

Moving along the Path of Progress

To bring domestic science to a qualitatively new, world level, to increase the efficiency of research and technological developments and to focus them on addressing the pressing issues of the life of the state and society are the main tasks set by the President before Turkmen scientists and the entire society. The priority areas of the development of Turkmen science include the protection of health of the Turkmen people that the leader of the nation views as a factor of national security and a strategic goal of the national health sector. Today, employees of the research centres, affiliated with the Ministry of Health and the Medical Industry and the Academy of Sciences, and the Research Centre at Myrat Garriyev State Medical University are developing this area of science.

Studying current foreign policy and international co-operation

Formation of a comprehensively developed young generation with deep knowledge and a broad outlook, training of highly qualified personnel capable of thinking in a new way are the priority tasks of state policy in modern Turkmenistan. Now, when special attention is paid to the intellectual development of the nation, there is a wide opportunity for the young generation to receive high-quality education and conduct fruitful scientific and educational activities. In the year of «Turkmenistan — Homeland of peace and trust», our country is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Independence with great achievements in the sphere of education. A large-scale scientific activity is carried out at the Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan, the development of which is paid special attention by our esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. Speaking at a meeting on foreign policy and diplomacy, which was held on February 9 of this year, the President of Turkmenistan noted the particular importance of the tendency for in-depth study of new directions in political science, the implementation of scientific research on topical issues of foreign policy of Turkmenistan. Moreover, the Head of our state instructed to continue active scientific activities, introduce modern information technologies into the educational process and organize on an ongoi

Exhibits Tell about the Geological Past of the Earth

The Museum of Magtymguly Turkmen State University is a large repository of the material archive of accumulated geological knowledge. The collection has a historical value and also allows to include already collected and partially studied material in new scientific research and to attract experts who are more competent in narrow applied scientific fields and directions. The museum provides methodological assistance and consults students in carrying out scientific work on this topic. There, the natural remarkable sight of the Gaurdak-Koytendag region is reflected in the model “Traces of the Hojapil Dinosaurs” with a three-dimensional image of a predatory tyrannosaur, made at a scale of 1:2 from the life-size of the animal and accompanied by a photo stand explaining the process of creating the display. There are plaster casts of traces of the Jurassic lizards, as well as a replica of the Kunyaurgench meteorite kept in the State Museum of the State Cultural Centre of Turkmenistan. It is considered the largest of all the fireballs that fell to the territory of the CIS.

Miras Magazine: View of scientists on historical and cultural heritage of Turkmen nation

Regular issue of quarterly scientific and popular Miras Magazine, which is published by Magtumguly Institute of Language, Literature and National Manuscripts of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, has been released. Addressed to wide reading audience, the issue continues series of articles about discoveries and results of study of spiritual heritage of the nation. The content of new issues of the magazine includes articles of historians and archaeologists, ethnographers and cultural, language and literature scientists.

Innovative projects for the digital economy

On the eve of the National Science Day, a multi-stage exhibition of scientific and technical creativity of students was held at the Institute of Telecommunications and Informatics of Turkmenistan in the form of a traditional competitive event, within the framework of which 85 projects were initially presented. Many of them, from the point of view of the further implementation of valuable experimental ideas in innovative digital production, are of promising interest. This is what Begench Annayev, deputy chairman of the Council of Young Scientists of the Institute, fourth-year student of the Faculty of Radio Technologies of Communication, emphasised in an interview to our newspaper, “Such exhibitions of students’ scientific creativity give them an opportunity to demonstrate their innovatory developments created under the experienced supervision of teachers. All these projects will be further developed at subsequent stages of work. It is also important that the organisation of such expositions contributes to the visual demonstration of students’ scientific priorities in their innovative activities.”