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Follow the rules and stay healthy

«7/24.tm», № 38 (69),  20.09.2021. Today, wearing face masks in public and crowded places, as well as in offices, has become an element of complex measures aimed at preventing infectious diseases and the environmental impact. A face mask as personal protective equipment only helps you if you follow the rules for wearing it.

Solemn meeting dedicated to a general lesson of the President of Turkmenistan

«7/24.tm», № 37 (68), 13.09.2021. The President of Turkmenistan conducted a general lesson to mark the Day of Knowledge and Student Youth and the beginning of the new academic year. On this occasion, a solemn meeting took place at the Ministry of Sport and Youth Policy of Turkmenistan.

School bazaars work

August is the traditional time of the year for school preparations. For this month, parents usually postpone the purchase of school uniforms for their children, so that it fits the children, usually noticeably grown up in the first summer months. On the shelves of school bazaars opened everywhere, a wide selection of clothing for boys and girls of different age is presented. In addition to the everyday school uniform, these are outfit for labour education lessons and training suits. Local sewing factories, as always, are prepared in advance for the seasonal sale and the great demand for school uniforms sold out especially actively on the eve of the school year.

Educational sphere: Innovations of the Year

Every day the admission campaign to secondary and higher professional educational institutions of our country is gaining momentum. The deadlines for submitting documents of potential university entrants, who will face the most crucial stage, the entrance exams, will close very soon. Summer is the time for other important events in the educational system, which are closely related to the preparation for the new 2021–2022 academic year.

Go­od Luck, Ent­rants!

This we­ek the ad­mis­sion cam­paign to secon­da­ry and hig­her pro­fes­sio­nal educatio­nal ins­ti­tu­tions of our count­ry has star­ted. The new 2021–2022 acade­mic year has brought cer­tain chan­ges to the sys­tem of pro­fes­sio­nal trai­ning at a num­ber of hig­her schools. First­ly, the­se inclu­de the trans­fer of a num­ber of univer­si­ties to a self-sus­tai­ning ba­sis on Sep­tem­ber 1, 2021, which cor­res­ponds to the goals of accele­ra­ting econo­mic, scien­ti­fic and techno­lo­gical develop­ment in the Era of Might and Hap­pi­ness. This in­novation al­so comp­lies with the tasks of imp­roving the fi­nancial and econo­mic sta­tus of hig­her educatio­nal ins­ti­tu­tions that will de­liver pro­fes­sio­nal trai­ning on a pa­id ba­sis.

Education is the foundation of development

Our Esteemed President notes wisely: «Stable foundation of every state is closely connected with high rates of its development, social living level and with the policy of education and science carried out in the country». It testifies that the development of the education system became one of the primary trends of the state policy in our powerful state developing with high rates. That is why following the primary principles of education and science in our Motherland in this connection the vital political, economical and cultural tasks on developing our country are being realized. In September of 2017 the «Conception of Developing the Digital Education System in Turkmenistan» was adopted according to Decree signed by our esteemed President. This Conception is important in improving the quality of education through the provision of high-quality electronic information at all stages of the education system and the widespread use of digital equipment. In the new historic epoch, systematic works are being carried out on putting into practice the «Conception of Developing the Digital Education System in Turkmenistan». Modern educational centres are being built and put into operation in our white city Ashgabat and in velayats. All of these educational centres offer opportunities to conduct lessons in an interactive way using multimedia resources. Conducting lessons through interactive

Turkmen Students Successfully Perform in International Subject Olympiads

At the end of the academic year, the educational institutions all over our country conduct solemn ceremonies to announce and honour the winners in various national and international contests and competitions. The examples include the performance of the students from Yagshigeldi Kakayev International University of Oil and Gas in the marathon of international subject Olympiads. An impressive collection of Olympic victories that is a significant replenishment of not only the achievements of the students from the International University of Oil and Gas, but also the national treasury of the intellectual achievements of Turkmen youth is their excellent gift for the upcoming significant holiday of the main city of our country – the 140th anniversary of Ashgabat.

History, Present Day and Prospects of the Development of the Art of Architecture

An international forum that brought together specialists in the field of architecture from the CIS member states was held in the hall of the Museum of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan in Ashgabat. Among them were representatives of specialised higher educational establishments – rectors, teachers and students of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan and the Turkmen State Institute of Architecture and Construction. As our newspaper has recently reported, a few days before the forum, which was organised in a remote format, a large-scale exhibition of projects and models, embodying the original ideas of course and graduate works of students and graduates of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan and the Turkmen State Institute of Architecture and Construction was launched at the art higher educational establishment.

The President of Turkmenistan holds a meeting on science, education, health care, sports and public organizations

On February 8, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held a working video conference session where the outcomes of work for 2020 in the spheres of science, education, health care, sports and public organizations of the country have been reviewed as well as priority tasks to improve their activities have been identified. Some Deputy Chairmen of the Cabinet of Ministers, heads of profile ministries and departments, representatives of public organizations, rectors of specialized universities took part in the meeting.

Schoolchildren’s Day Regimen

Schoolchildren’s day regimen, the most rational distribution of the time of day for periods of work, sleep and rest in a certain order can be considered one of the first steps to preserve the health of a child. The word regimen is a French word and in translation means “the action of governing”. First of all, it is about governing your time, and in the end, governing both your health and life.

Permanent neutrality is the way of peace, co-operation and development

The positive and constructive policy pursued by the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov during the period of prosperity of our sovereign state is fully supported by the states of the world and authoritative international organizations, taking into account the permanent neutrality of our country. The permanent legal status of Turkmenistan is the basis of the foreign policy of our state. The declaration of Turkmenistan «Turkmenistan — the Homeland of Neutrality» in 2020 is of great importance in further strengthening the global prestige of our country’s foreign policy. Today our peaceful humanitarian policy, aimed at the interests of the region and the peoples of the world, has become a unifying force for the continents. Under the wise leadership of the esteemed President, our country attaches great importance to further development of international co-operation, adhering to the principles of neutrality. This is fully evidenced by our close trade and economic relations with the countries of the world today. The initiatives of our Hero Arkadag, aimed at strengthening international peace, prosperity and trust at the regional, continental and global levels, were presented at the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly by member states of the organization Declaration of «2021 — International Year of Peace and Trust» United Nations recognized as a strategic partner of

Schoolchildren – Prize-Winners of the International Mathematics Olympiad

A representative team of Turkmen schoolchildren successfully competed at the annual, this time the VII, Iranian Geometry Olympiad – IGO, which was organised at the end 2020 in the Internet format. In total, more than five hundred schoolchildren from 49 countries of the world took part in this International Olympiad. Its results were summed up a few days ago. This math competition was held in three categories: primary, secondary and higher, which corresponded to the age groups of the Olympians, including schoolchildren from the seventh to the twelfth grade. According to the terms of the competition, participants in each category were asked to solve five tasks of a high degree of complexity, and they were given four and a half hours to complete the tasks.

The first-grade students of Turkmenistan receive computers as a new year gift

Solemn ceremonies to present computers to the first-grade students as New Year gift on behalf of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov have been held at the secondary schools of the Turkmen capital city. The software loaded into laptops performs various educational functions and has three language versions: Turkmen, Russian and English. In addition, the new computers were made taking into account the age characteristics of their owners and meeting medical requirements.

Intellectual Achievements

First International Victory of Connoisseurs from a New School of Ashgabat Pupils of the fifth-eleventh grades of a new school of the capital city, specialised school 21, successfully performed at the 9th International Intellectual Internet Olympiad, which was held for a month under the auspices of the Erudite Scientific and Educational Centre, Saratov, Russia. Recently its results have been announced.

International Cooperationin the Education Sphere Explores Online Spaces

In recent years, Turkmen scientific and educational centres have been actively building up the potential for fruitful international cooperation in the virtual format that has become traditional. Many higher educational institutions held a series of such joint events during the first weeks of the new academic year. The Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan, conducting fruitful activities to expand international relations, was most active. To date, the Institute has signed 25 cooperation agreements promoting effective partnerships with research centres and diplomatic academies. Thematic online bridges stretch on a regular basis from it to different countries near and far.

Orentation towards versatility of education

A marathon of thematic dedications to the motto of the year “Turkmenistan – the Home of Neutrality” is taking place at specialised school 21 in Ashgabat. The new educational institution was opened in a solemn atmosphere in Ashgabat on the first autumn holiday – the Day of Knowledge and Students. The new school, located at the intersection of two city highways – A. Niyazov Avenue and Ahmet Yasavi Street, hospitably opened the doors for its first schoolchildren who had passed the tests the day before. Given the status of the school, the brightest representatives of the intellectually gifted and talented children, who live in different parts of the main city of our country, gathered under its roof.

Life according to Schedule or about the daily routine of schoolchildren

In the child’s performance and wellbeing, everything matters: from waking up to sleep, according to medical experts. How to make sure that the child does not stay up until midnight and finds time for rest and hobbies in the usual scenario of school life? How to make a student’s daily routine correctly? The editorial staff of NT will try to answer these questions based on the recommendations of experts. A typical picture: children stay up until late for lessons or games, and in the morning they cannot easily wake up, they go to school sluggishly. Hence fatigue, drowsiness and grumpiness. The reason for this is a simple non-observance of the daily routine. Unfortunately, we forget that humans are part of nature, and it is so arranged that our body has periods of decline in activity and, conversely, an increase in efficiency. Often, due to lack of knowledge, we confuse this time. When children need to rest, we make them do homework, when they need to study hard, they walk. Few people know that the first wave of our activity occurs from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and the second wave falls on the evening, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. It is at this time that it is good for studying, doing homework and going to sport sections and clubs.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov participates in the opening of new sport facilities

Opening ceremony of new building of the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs and Olympic Sports Department of Turkmen State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports has been held with participation of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on the Day of Knowledge and Students. Educational activity in sport sphere of Turkmenistan is targeted by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov at adoption of the best world experience in combination with the most efficient national practice. In this aspect, our country works closely with many states and international federations.

New academic year is coming

it means that in very few days, many dozens of ultra-modern educational centres located in different parts of our country will hospitably open their doors to those seeking knowledge. Equipped with the latest teaching technologies, they provide special comfortable conditions for revealing, stimulating and developing the intellectual abilities of the younger generation, for them to acquire a baggage of valuable knowledge, which will be a reliable point of support in their further independent life. On the Day of Knowledge and Student Youth, one of the new educational centres of the main city of our country will accept schoolchildren for the first time. This is Ashgabat specialised comprehensive school 21, which is another example of our state’s striving to steadily modernise the national educational system, introducing into its structure the best world experience in the field of education.

A new academic year to begin

Education — the mainstay of life The promotion of science and education was one of the main topics on the agenda of an online meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers focused on the work done by the Government over the past seven months, which was held via videoconference on August 14. It was noted that the fundamental modernisation of the material and technical, training and methodological frameworks of the educational system continued. The reforms, aimed at improving syllabi and curricula and raising the professional level of specialists of the network of educational institutions, were taking place in compliance with national principles and international best practices.