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President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov conducted a regular sitting of the Cabinet of Ministers via the digital video communication system, at which the results of the work of the sectors of the national economic complex in January-May of the current year were summed up, and drafts of a number of important documents and topical issues of the state life were considered. * * *

Digitalisation and its place in the modern world

In a new era in our country, there is a widespread introduction of digital technologies in various spheres of life: industry, economy, education, culture, services and much more. This phenomenon is caused by the rapid development of information technologies, microelectronics and communications in most countries of the world. Digitalisation is a global process that more and more subjugates the planet and even space beyond its borders with every passing day. Due to its spread, the methods of business management are also changing, and this is based on the Internet. Data transfer to the global web is carried out through input devices and various gadgets. For the development of information technology, the term “informatisation” is often used. It is necessary to clearly define the differences between digitalisation and informatisation. The main distinguishing features of digitalisation are the ability to analyse and predict, independently choosing the best solution and also to perform the tasks that the user can set before it. In other words, a digital system is a more advanced object than a machine, but less than artificial intelligence. For example, an enterprise may be equipped with computers with Internet access. Such an enterprise can be called information-based, but not digital. This enterprise can only become digital when technology is used in a systematic and holistic manner

Moving Forward to Abundance

The business community plays a significant role in fulfilling the tasks to implement large-scale projects of regional and international importance in the food industry. The best possible conditions created in the country for the effective operation of businesses contribute to increasing the number of modern enterprises that manufacture a wide range of high-quality eco-friendly foods. This is vividly illustrated by the new agroindustrial businesses fitted with state-of-the-equipment that are tasked to create an abundance of goods in markets and trading enterprises in the year marked by the glorious 30th anniversary of independence of the Motherland and held under the motto “Turkmenistan – the Home of Peace and Trust”.

Entrepreneurship as a key market segment

The development of entrepreneurship is a priority direction of the economic policy of Turkmenistan, and due to the comprehensive support of the head of state, entrepreneurs play an important role in the implementation of socioeconomic reforms in the country. Currently, businessmen are successfully working in various spheres, including industry, agriculture, construction, trade, the production of textile, chemical and food products and consumer services, they are engaged in various other activities, showing their best business qualities. Turkmen business continues to steadily increase its capabilities. And this is facilitated not only by the expansion of capacities, but also by the improvement of their innovative component. Due to the initiatives of the esteemed President, small and medium-sized businesses today have taken a decisive place in the country’s economy and have become the main source of saturating the market with necessary goods and services, increasing the incomes and welfare of the population and an important factor in solving problems of the employment of the population. It should be noted that all these measures are being taken in line with the consistently implemented State programme to support small and medium-sized businesses for the period until 2024, aimed at ensuring the high rates of economic growth and social progress in Turkmenistan by stirring up the p

Greenhouses Being Built

In March, a number of greenhouses, one of which belongs to the Altyn Gala Gurluşyk Individual Enterprise, located in Gerogly etrap, Dashoguz velayat, opened. The Turkmen leader attended the opening ceremonies. The new agricultural facility occupies 5 hectares of a 30-hectare area, which the enterprise received under lease from the state. The entire area is occupied by plantations of tomatoes of different varieties, and all the operations are computer aided, requiring eventual actions of an operator. Computer technology maintains climatic conditions, and 33 people, who have received jobs there, perform mechanical operations. In total, 75 large greenhouses that belong to the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan operate throughout the country. These are 404 hectares “working” at full capacity to grow vegetables and greens all year round for the dastarhan of the Turkmen people. Another 193 similar facilities are at different stages of construction. Greenhouse farmers mainly grow tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet peppers. Computer-aided hothouses and greenhouses are becoming increasingly popular. During the recent opening ceremony, a brand new automatic greenhouse control technology was presented to the Turkmen leader. The representatives of the Ýigit Business Society from the Kaahka etrap, Ahal velayat, vividly presented the advantages of this technology. The Presi

Power of the Nation

Turkmenistan’s health policy, implemented under the patronage of the esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, a special emphasis is placed on a healthy lifestyle and sports. With this aim, excellent conditions for all who live in friendship with sports have been created in the country. These are sports and health-improving complexes, including the largest Olympic Complex in Ashgabat, and sports grounds in residential areas, which have their own sports centres, kindergartens, schools and higher educational institutions, enterprises and organisations. The National Strategy for increasing the physical activity of the population in Turkmenistan for 2018–2025 and the Programme of the support and development of physical culture and sports in Turkmenistan for 2021–2025, which are being implemented today, bring people to the ideals and values of sports, contributing to the fact that a healthy lifestyle occupies an increasingly important place in Turkmen society. A physically developed person with a strong and willed character can usually easily achieve success, including that at a professional level. Physical culture has a positive effect on the human nervous system, rejuvenates the body, improves memory and learning abilities, increases the ability of the brain to concentrate on a specific task and develops stress resistance. As the esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov em

Avaza: Pearl of the Caspian Sea, Ecological Excellence

The state environmental policy carried out by the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov is harmoniously combined with the protection of the ecosystems of the globe and has been widely recognised at the international level. Scientific institutions, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Protection and other departments of Turkmenistan are called upon to preserve the beauty of Avaza – a new pearl of the East in a priceless setting of pristine nature. In ensuring the optimal balance of large-scale construction with the natural environment of the Caspian Sea, foreign specialists fruitfully work together with our experts within the framework of a global partnership, as members of interdepartmental state commissions for economic cooperation of the countries of the Caspian region, including ecologists of the Caspian Environmental Programme and other authoritative international organisations.

Ancient Turkmen Leather Shoes

The fundamental and comprehensive study of the spiritual and material heritage of the Turkmen people is one of priority directions of the policy of the President of Turkmenistan. Much work is being done in this area with the support of the national leader. Literature, art, monuments of history, way of life, traditions and customs are the basic components of which the culture of the people is formed. Research into them help obtain scientific data on the life of peoples living in Central Asia.

In the Land of Deep Canyons

Turkmenistan is the land of the most ancient civilisations, its centres of culture and agriculture of different time periods are an archaeological Klondike for the representatives of the scientific world. The very beautiful natural landscapes with a contrasting microclimate and unique nature, where ecosystems of mountains, deserts and the sea coexist, “breathe” with history. The Koytendag Mountains, a land of legends, unique natural monuments and distinctive traditions, attractive in the ecological, scientific, geological, historical, cognitive and aesthetic terms, have many notable natural attractions. The word “Koytendag” means “mountains of deep canyons”. There, the highest mountains in the country with deep lakes and long karst caves are located. The natural beauty of those places is mostly protected within the Koytendag State Natural Reserve of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Protection of Turkmenistan.

Local Climate There is an Ally of Your Health

The Bayramali sanatorium, the oldest one in Turkmenistan, is a health resort gem of the country. It will be 90 years in two years. The main type of therapy used at the Bayramali resort is climatotherapy. Many scientists have been studying the beneficial effects of the local climate on patients with nephritis, methods of treatment, indications and contraindications. The unique properties of the climate zone where the resort is located have been known since the beginning of the last century – the local dry air proved to be curative for patients diagnosed with kidney diseases. As a climatic resort, the sanatorium, designed for 25 patients diagnosed with nephritis, officially began to work in 1933, and its development was gaining momentum. The 1941–1945 war made adjustments to the fate of the health resort. The sanatorium accommodated an evacuation hospital during the first months of the war, and the Research Institute of Climatology and Balneology, evacuated from Sochi, worked there later. During the war, the health resort helped thousands of defenders of the Motherland restore their health. After the war, patients with kidney diseases continued to receive treatment at the sanatorium. From November to March, the sanatorium accepted patients with cardiovascular diseases. The experience of treating these disorders has proved to be highly effective over many decades, and the Bayramal

How to Behave in Hot Weather?

In the last few days, the air temperature has been rising sharply and hot weather is expected in the coming days. But what can hot days bring? How to behave during this period? Based on the recommendations of medical professionals, we have prepared tips that are very simple and easy to implement. First of all, on hot days, it is necessary to wear light and loose clothes made of natural fabrics and it is also necessary to put on light headwear and to take a bottle of water. By the way, clothes do not completely protect the skin from the sun: cotton lets through 6 per cent of sunrays and in the wet form up to 20 per cent.

Latest news

The President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the country, General of the Army Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov conducted a regular meeting of the State Security Council, at which the results of the activities of the security, defence and law-enforcement agencies for five months of the current year were considered, and the priority vectors of their work for the near future were determined. * * *

President of Turkmenistan Receives Gold Insignia of the Mir Interstate TV and Radio Company

Independent neutral Turkmenistan under the leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov is increasingly expanding international cooperation in the exchange of information and media interaction. Together with foreign partners, including major news agencies, authoritative publishing companies and popular news channels, large-scale work is being done to widely promote the domestic and foreign policies of the sovereign Turkmen state, integrate our country into the international information space and disseminate news, overviews and analytical materials in print and electronic media, in particular, Internet resources.

Before Going to the Resort — call 119

In the Avaza national tourism zone, everything is ready to receive tourists who will start arriving there on June 1. On the first day of summer, all hotels and recreation centres, cottage villages and health resorts for adults and children will open their doors, starting the summer season. As you know, the idea of creating a world-class resort on the ecologically clean coast of the Caspian Sea belongs to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. It was announced in May 2007, and two months later, the presentation of the first projects for construction in the allotted territory in the National tourism zone took place. Today, only 14 years later, this “paradise” of the Turkmen seaside is well known not only among the Turkmen people, for whom Avaza is a favourite vacation spot, but also among numerous foreign tourists who have appreciated the comfort and high service level of the luxury hotels and recreation centres of the sea resort. Besides, in the health centres of hotels and health resorts, fitted with the latest medical equipment and physiotherapy aparatus from leading European manufacturers, one can receive advice from qualified medical specialists and take a course of therapeutic and prophylactic procedures, including the use of healing clay, iodine-bromine water and other “natural healers”.

Latest news

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov conducted via the digital system a regular sitting of the Cabinet of Ministers, at which topical issues of the state life were discussed and drafts of a number of documents, aimed at the dynamic development of key sectors of the national economy, were considered. * * *

President Gurbanguly BERDIMUHAMEDOV: Ashgabat is a beacon that lights up our ways to a bright future

International Universal Exhibition “White City of Ashgabat” to Mark of the 140th Anniversary of the Capital City The XX International Universal Exhibition entitled “White City of Ashgabat”, timed to coincide with the 140th anniversary of the founding of the capital city, was held at the exhibition centre of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan.

Everything for a comfortable life and creative work

an important landmark of the large-scale urban development conception of the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov is the active use of innovative technologies and the best world experience. These issues are constantly in the centre of attention of the leader of the nation. Following the path of progressive transformations, our country aims to implement the conception of smart cities. This is a powerful global trend in recent years. Modern information technologies make it possible to provide high-quality living standards for people and to create conditions for creative work, comfortable life and rest. The smart city project is being implemented with the construction of Ashgabat City and the new administrative centre of the Ahal velayat. Smart City: An Innovative Management Conception

Sun, beaches and sea bree­ze

kilometres of sandy beaches, infinite silence, disturbed only by the sounds of a surging wave, and comfortable hotels await you in the Avaza national tourism zone. There everything is ready for a vacation of full value. These are deluxe hotels, children’s recreation centres and houses for family vacation located in its territories, cottage settlements and a handmade river, colourful fountains and an open-air concert hall, parks and children’s entertainment centres. The Avaza national tourism zone can impress not only with the refinement of its hotels with the highest level of comfort and service, but also with a huge choice among possibilities of recreation and entertainment facilities. Many will surely find entertainment in the sports grounds and in the fitness centres of the hotels. Much is also provided for children, including game rooms. On the instructions of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, transport routes have been organised to the place of vacation and back from it, measures have been taken to provide hotels and children’s recreation centres with sufficient volumes of food products, and work is underway to organise concerts and other cultural events.

Seasonal Illness Prevention Tips:

Open windows regularly to provide fresh air to offices and rooms of the flat. Keep your hands clean, observe a distance of 2 metres and wear masks correctly.

Latest news

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov visited a plant for the production of gasoline from natural gas, built in the Ahal velayat, where he acquainted himself with the activities of the newest industrial complex and exchanged views with the leaders of the oil and gas sector regarding the construction of its second stage and also made a helicopter flight over a number of large facilities, during which he inspected the progress of construction work. * * *