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Dedicated to anniversary date

A marathon of events organised by the diplomatic missions of Turkmenistan abroad in honour of the 25th anniversary of the status of permanent neutrality of our country continues. They are informed of on the website of the International High-Level Conference, “Policy of Neutrality and its Role in Ensuring International Peace, Security and Sustainable Development” created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan. Below, we present another digest of the events held. Kingdom of Belgium, Brussels. The Embassy of Turkmenistan to the Kingdom of Belgium organised a roundtable discussion on the theme “Constructive Dialogue for Peace and Sustainable Development”. The participants of the discussion were heads and representatives of diplomatic missions in Brussels, the European Institute of Asian Studies, international organisations, including the European Union, structural units of the Secretariat of the Energy Charter.

An Important Step to Access to World Markets

The foreign-policy course of Turkmenistan is based on the principles of peacefulness, good neighbourliness and equal and mutually beneficial cooperation with all interested foreign partners. Moreover, the foreign policy of Turkmenistan is a logical continuation of the domestic policy and is regulated by the international legal status of permanent neutrality, recognised by the United Nations. This fully contributes to constructive mutually beneficial cooperation with all foreign partners. An important step to enter the international economic strata is a landmark event in the life of our state – Turkmenistan’s accession to the World Trade Organisation in observer status. This status is to contribute to the dynamic economic growth of Turkmenistan, to strengthen its positions in foreign trade, to promote multilateral cooperation, to attract foreign investments and to develop international trade relations. This also relates to the development of commercial and trading strategies, including their successful realisation.

International Cooperationin the Education Sphere Explores Online Spaces

In recent years, Turkmen scientific and educational centres have been actively building up the potential for fruitful international cooperation in the virtual format that has become traditional. Many higher educational institutions held a series of such joint events during the first weeks of the new academic year. The Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan, conducting fruitful activities to expand international relations, was most active. To date, the Institute has signed 25 cooperation agreements promoting effective partnerships with research centres and diplomatic academies. Thematic online bridges stretch on a regular basis from it to different countries near and far.

Light and Environmentally Friendly Fabric

In accordance with the tasks set by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for the development of the textile industry of Turkmenistan, the enterprises of the industry, fitted with high-tech equipment, steadily increase the range and volumes of production of high-quality domestic textiles. Light and environmentally friendly fabric, staple, is especially in demand in Turkmenistan. The Altyn Asyr shopping centre in Ashgabat offers a wide range of staples. This fabric of linen texture is light, dense and soft, it does not fade under the influence of sunlight. The word “staple” is translated as “fibre bundle”, since only short textile fibres with a length of not more than 45 mm, which are laid in a special way, are used in its production.

Lake Mollakurban — a Gem of the Karakum Desert

Long trips to the depths of the Karakum Desert to conduct biodiversity surveys are the everyday life of ecologists, but each new visit to the vast expanse of the multifaceted sands makes you sure of the beauty of our sunny land. The route of a small expeditionary group of scientists stretched from Turkmen Lake Altyn Asyr. We skirted round its overflows and stopped several times to take pictures of birds, white and black saxaul thickets that formed thick forests in some places and gorgeously fruiting bushes of the sandy acacia. We were lucky to find an interesting and rare plant in the Family Fabaceae in those places. It is called gulan guyruk, and its scientific name is Eremosparton. The plant is endemic to the Karakum Desert; it grows on the dunes and in the territory of the state nature reserves Bereketli Karakum and Repetek. The Artemisia dimoana from the Red Data Book was found in some places.

Healthy Behaviour Is a Key to good health

Today, we will talk much about personal hygiene rules, as cleanliness is a key to good health. The spread of a huge number of infectious diseases transmitted through dirty hands, household items and droplets can be prevented by observing personal and public hygiene rules. Personal hygiene, regular hand washing and observance of cough and sneeze etiquette and social or safe distance are indispensable requirements in our modern life. Hands must be thoroughly washed with soap and running water. Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds and lather the backs of your hands, palms, between your fingers and under your nails. Then rinse your hands under running water and wipe them dry. If there is no water, disinfectant solutions should be used to sanitise the hands.

Advantages of Table Tennis

In connection with the situation and medical norms doing sports at home is necessary, especially for professional athletes who must constantly keep a sports form in a certain state. For many athletes, home conditions are quite acceptable and even more in demand. But how can table tennis masters train at home? After all, not everyone has their own spacious hall with a bulk inventory. It turns out that for them an effective lesson plan without a specialised table for the game is also developed, which is aimed not only at maintaining proper sports form, but also for improving game skills. In the same conditions, Turkmen followers of this Olympic sport, including young athletes who especially need such training, exercise. Firstly, let’s talk about physical exercises that can help improve professional skills. This is primarily a load on the leg muscles, which are the main driving force when playing table tennis. The main factor is the ability to move with lightning speed in your area along the table. For the development of these qualities it is necessary to apply speed races (sprint) for short distances (10, 20, 30 and 40 metres). The area around the house can be a running field.

Joint statement

of the Heads of State of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and the Republic of Uzbekistan on the Events in the Kyrgyz Republic The events taking place in fraternal Kyrgyzstan cause our serious concern.

To a new level of parliamentary activity

Parliament is one of the supreme bodies that is the only one to represent the people. Therefore, the adoption of important political decisions and legislative acts largely depends on its effectiveness and task-oriented activities. Moreover, the formation of a body of popular representation is one of the most essential elements of the democratic mechanism of state power. International practice shows that the parliament is a dynamically continuously developing institution. The main goal of the reform initiated by the leader of the nation is to tailor the national Parliament of Turkmenistan to the rapid changes in life of the state and society. Every state takes its own choice of the structure and functioning of the parliament, but this does not exclude the common features that are taken into account in parliamentary practices. The reforms of the Parliament as one of the supreme bodies of state power, initiated by the leader of the nation, are to fulfil the following three fundamental tasks: i) increasing the efficiency of the Parliament as an integral part of the state mechanism and strengthening its positions; ii) promoting democratic governance in the structure and activity management; and iii) strengthening the representative character of the parliament and the forms of its relationship with civil society. It was these tasks that determined the main features, structu

Many Benefits in a Drop of Oil

Vegetable oil is perhaps the most popular foodstuff used in every family. And the advice of medical specialists to give preference to vegetable oils, not animal fats, raises many questions. For example, which oil to choose, which is more useful? After all, each oil plant has its own type of oil, for example, sunflower, corn, olive, rapeseed and others. The Director of the Information Centre of the Ministry of Health and the Medical Industry of Turkmenistan Ogulmyahri Geldiyeva answers these questions for NT readers:

The Crop to Develop the Foothills

Harvesting of the mid- and late-season apple varieties is in full swing in the orchards in the foothill valleys of the Central Kopetdag Mountains – Ak Bugday, Geoktepe and Kaahka etraps, Ahal velayat, the mountainous area of Nohur that are administratively located on the border of the Ahal and Balkan velayats and in the lands of the northern region of the country – Dashoguz. Tenants in farmers’ associations and farms, private gardeners and members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs who grow local ancient and foreign apple varieties are engaged in fruit growing. Summer and autumn apples of such cultivars as “Freedom”, “Auksis”, “Zaslavskoye”, “Konfetnoye”, “Inmant”, “Zheleznyak”, “Antey”, “Alesya”, “Aydared”, “Krasnaya Prevochodnaya”, “Rennet Simirenko”, “Goldspur”, “Snezhny Kalvil” and “Bely Rozmarin”, among others, grow in large variety in our latitudes. The mid- and late-season apple varieties are rarely remarkable for the simultaneous ripening; therefore, apples are harvested in two phases. However, they can be stored longer. Villagers, engaged in fruit growing, often turn part of the lands in the foothill zone they hold on lease or use over the long term into orchards to grow fruit and store them up and engraft cuttings. Due to the tireless work of gardeners, the people of Turkmenistan have these natural vitamin products on their menu all year round. “These va

Dedicated to anniversary date

In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the status of permanent neutrality, a relay of events organised abroad by the embassies and diplomatic missions of Turkmenistan continues. This is reported by a website of the International High-Level Conference entitled “Policy of Neutrality and Its Role in Ensuring International Peace, Security and Sustainable Development”, created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan as part of the wide celebration of the anniversary. In Austria, an exhibition of national applied arts of the Turkmen people was organised on September 17. Among the guests were the leadership of the Austrian Foreign Ministry, ambassadors and representatives of the states of the Central Asian region and neighbouring countries, including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, the Russian Federation and Iran, and also Iraq, the People’s Republic of China, Pakistan, Serbia as well as other countries. The event was attended by representatives of the Turkmen-Austrian society and other invited guests.

National Parliament: evolution and innovations

On September 25, 2020, a regular meeting of the Halk Maslahaty of Turkmenistan was held. It was a historic event. As a result of the approval of amendments and addenda made to the Constitution of the country, the status of the Halk Maslahaty of Turkmenistan was reformed. In the course of the constitutional development of Turkmenistan, the status of the Halk Maslahaty has evolved several times. From 1992 till 2003, it was characterised as the highest representative body of the people’s power. From 2003 till 2008, the Constitution determined the Halk Maslahaty as a permanently acting supreme representative body of the people’s power, with the powers of the supreme body of state power and administration. In 2008, its powers were redistributed between the President of Turkmenistan and the Mejlis (Parliament) of the country.

Christine Weigand: “Scheduled immunisation in Turkmenistan fully complies with WHO recommendations.”

Cooperation between Turkmenistan and international organisations in the field of public health became the topic of a regular briefing held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which ended with the official ceremony of signing the Plan for the Procurement of Vaccines and Equipment for 2021–2025 under the standard Memorandum of Understanding on the provision of procurement services between the Government of Turkmenistan and UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund)”, signed on August 28, 2015. Speakers at the briefing, the top officials of the Ministry of Health and the Medical Industry and also representatives of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the World Health Organisation and the European Union, dwelt upon the priorities of international cooperation in the field of health care, focusing on issues of immunoprophylaxis.

Orentation towards versatility of education

A marathon of thematic dedications to the motto of the year “Turkmenistan – the Home of Neutrality” is taking place at specialised school 21 in Ashgabat. The new educational institution was opened in a solemn atmosphere in Ashgabat on the first autumn holiday – the Day of Knowledge and Students. The new school, located at the intersection of two city highways – A. Niyazov Avenue and Ahmet Yasavi Street, hospitably opened the doors for its first schoolchildren who had passed the tests the day before. Given the status of the school, the brightest representatives of the intellectually gifted and talented children, who live in different parts of the main city of our country, gathered under its roof.

An old necklace — an amulet and fashion jewellery

Women’s jewellery is one of the brightest elements of traditional culture. They performed the important symbolic functions of marking the family and social status and reflected the aesthetic ideals of the people; they were endowed with magical properties of amulets. In the late Stone Age, jewellery pieces were made of bones, animal teeth and fangs and all kinds of sea shells; they were intended to give its owner the strength and dexterity of the animal and to protect from possible attacks and troubles. It was believed that the shape determined the magical power of the jewellery. The symbolic objects, for example, fruit jewellery ensured their owner the patronage of the sun as a source of life or a link with the forces of fertility. This fusion with the forces of the Universe through magic was supposed to protect a person from any threatening phenomena or actions. Superstitions were very strong among nomads for a long time, and therefore, jewellery has been often worn as a talisman till our days. A positive perception of the magical meaning and articles contributed to their aesthetic comprehension and transformation into a decorative plane.

The artist’s soul is in his paintings

The works of this painter attract with colour and depth, the plots of his paintings, inextricably linked with the culture and ancient traditions of the Turkmen people, are full of life realism. At the end of June 2020, at the ceremony of awarding cultural workers and art masters who won the creative contest of the President of Turkmenistan entitled “Türkmeniň Altyn Asyry”, the high honorary title of the People’s Artist of Turkmenistan was conferred to Ishanguly Ishanguliyev. This significant event prompted me to acquaint myself with him and learn more about his creative activities.

Life according to Schedule or about the daily routine of schoolchildren

In the child’s performance and wellbeing, everything matters: from waking up to sleep, according to medical experts. How to make sure that the child does not stay up until midnight and finds time for rest and hobbies in the usual scenario of school life? How to make a student’s daily routine correctly? The editorial staff of NT will try to answer these questions based on the recommendations of experts. A typical picture: children stay up until late for lessons or games, and in the morning they cannot easily wake up, they go to school sluggishly. Hence fatigue, drowsiness and grumpiness. The reason for this is a simple non-observance of the daily routine. Unfortunately, we forget that humans are part of nature, and it is so arranged that our body has periods of decline in activity and, conversely, an increase in efficiency. Often, due to lack of knowledge, we confuse this time. When children need to rest, we make them do homework, when they need to study hard, they walk. Few people know that the first wave of our activity occurs from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and the second wave falls on the evening, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. It is at this time that it is good for studying, doing homework and going to sport sections and clubs.

Medicinal Kaplankyr

The Kaplankyr State Nature Reserve is located in the north-western part of Turkmenistan, at the junction of the northern and southern parts of the Turan lowland within the Ustyurt and Sarykamysh geographical regions. In the south-east, it covers a small area of the sands of the northern Karakum Desert, called Zaunguz, in the west, the Kaplankyr cliffs form a distinct natural border, which in the east was marked by the ancient riverbed of the Uzboy. In the north, the protected area is adjoined by the Ustyurt plateau. The main territory of the Reserve is located on the Kaplankyr plateau, the vegetation of which consists of wormwood and saltwort communities. The species diversity of the flora of the Reserve consists of 400 species of plants from the families Chenopodioideae, Cruciferae, Gramineae, Fabaceae and Compositae. The upper layer is occupied by the black saxaul and kandym, the second one is formed by the wormwood with the participation of semi-shrub salsolas – tetyr and kevreyik, and the third, lowest, tier is composed of grasses – sedges and various ephemerals. In the southern part, one can find white saxaul groupings, characteristic of hilly and ridge-hilly sands. There, the white saxaul is supplemented by the kandym, Salsola richteri, Ephedra strobilacea, sandy acacia and astragalus. One can often find the wild onion, iris, eremurus and an ephemeral plant from the fami

Latest news

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov conducted a regular sitting of the Cabinet of Ministers via the digital video communication system in videoconference mode, at which some topical issues of the state life were discussed and drafts of a number of documents were considered. A telephone conversation between the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Arif Alvi took place.