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International transport and transport corridors: Interconnection and development

A Conference on the Diversification of Logistics in the Eurasian Space Organised in Turkmenistan The Turkmen capital hosted a two-day international conference entitled “International Transport and Transit Corridors: Interconnection and Development”, devoted to the diversification of transport and transit cooperation in the Eurasian space.

State Policy Priority — the Health of the People

The key priorities of the state policy of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov include the protection of the people’s health in line with the Saglyk State Programme that was adopted on July 21, 1995. In 2015, the new Saglyk Programme was approved. Particular attention is paid to universal access to high-quality health care. This is evidenced by the recent opening ceremonies of the multi-type hospitals in Turkmenbashi and Dashoguz and the oncology hospital in Dashoguz that took place with the participation of Arkadagly Serdar. The equipment installed at the new clinics allows applying the cutting-edge methods for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. The departments are supplied with high-tech medical equipment, which allows local doctors to receive patients, to make diagnoses and, if necessary, to conduct a comprehensive medical evaluation and to treat patients.

Gold, silver and bronze medals won by young turkmen scholars

The 54th International Chemistry Olympiad - IChO-2022 (International Chemistry Olympiad) has completed its work. This year, it remotely brought together more than 320 young adorers of this discipline from over 80 countries of the world. As is known, this subject competition has been held since 1968. It was then that the first International Chemistry Olympiad was held in Prague (Czechoslovakia), the main task of which was to increase the interest of schoolchildren in chemical science around the world. At this annual intellectual competition, each country is traditionally represented by a team consisting of four Olympians and their mentors. Officially, this Olympiad is an individual championship. This year, China, the city of Tianjin, took over the baton of the subject competition of young chemists.

A Masterpiece of Golden Fleece of Saraja sheep

From time immemorial Turkmen carpets and rugs have been considered an age-old attribute of weddings and other family celebrations. The birth of a child and a new carpet were joyful events. According to the tradition, the girl was laid on a new carpet, hoping that she would become a craftswoman in the future. The breadwinner in the family was a man, but the keepers of the family hearth did not sit idly. The ancestors said, “Cattle will bring prosperity to a dzhigit, and a carpet to a girl”. So it was. Men were engaged in cattle breeding, while women were engaged in cooking and carpet weaving, which they taught their daughters from childhood.

Inhabitants of the Mountain Ranges

The Balhan Mountains, as old as the world, sung by Bayram Shahir in his poems, are the unique mountains of the sacred Turkmen land. Their peak – Mount Arlan, shrouded in snow and grey fog, rises at an altitude of 1,881 metres above sea level. The zodiac constellation Capricorn that looks like the horned inhabitants of the mountains flashes above it at night. The artiodactyls from the hollow-horned ruminants, including bezoar ibex that adapted well to the natural and climatic conditions of the mountains settled in those places long time ago. Their habitat is hard-to-reach mountain ranges and deep gorges, where the rays of the sun do not penetrate and people rarely set their foot.

How to protect yourself from the sunrays on hot days

In summer and early autumn, you can get sunburns even in cloudy weather, since clouds cannot block ultraviolet rays. In addition, ultraviolet radiation has the characteristic of being reflected from surfaces such as water and sand. Being close to such surfaces increases the risk of reflected radiation. People can get sunburns of the skin and eyes, especially fair-skinned people.

Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan Expand The Horizons of Strategic Cooperation

The State Visit of the President of Turkmenistan to the Republic of Uzbekistan Begins On July 14, the head of Turkmenistan left for a two-day state visit to the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Towards sustainable transport

The relationships and development of international transport and transit corridors will be the topic of a conference to be held in Ashgabat on July 18-19. The event is being organised by the Transport and Communications Agency under the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan in partnership with the Turkmen Forum. Heads of national and international transport companies, senior management of logistics organisations and major international financial institutions have already announced their participation in the discussion of topical issues in the transport and logistics sector. In addition, representatives of such international organisations as the UN, OSCE and diplomatic missions accredited to Turkmenistan are expected to participate in meetings and panel discussions. Meetings of business partners will be held on the side-lines of the Conference. We asked representatives of large transport and logistics companies, members of the Turkmen Logistics Association, to comment on the forthcoming event and to share their expectations.

New Areas of Professional Training

On July 11, another admission campaign to secondary and higher vocational educational institutions of our country started. According to the established tradition, applicants for many of them are waiting for new areas of study, in which the training of specialists will begin for the first time starting from the forthcoming 2022-2023 academic year. As for higher educational establishments, here new areas of training are open, both on a paid and budgetary basis, at various levels of education, which are bachelor’s, specialist’s and master’s programmes.

Healthy Eating – the First Step to Good Health

We all know that nutrition is one of the main factors influencing human health. Improper, unhealthy nutrition, both insufficient and excessive consumption of food, can provoke various diseases, primarily cardiovascular diseases, cancers and endocrine, blood circulatory and metabolic disorders. A healthy diet promotes growth, normal development and vital activity and contributes to improving health and preventing diseases. Currently, Turkmenistan is implementing the National Programme of Healthy Nutrition for 2020–2025 that was developed to introduce in practice the rules of nutrition, which will help all of us to be healthier and prevent various ailments.


Sunstroke is an overheating of the body as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun and direct effects of its rays. It can happen both while being in the sun and several hours later. Sunstroke (heat stroke) can happen more quickly if you are dehydrated, wear thick or heavy clothing in hot weather, are overweight, are not used to heat, such as travelling from a cooler climate to a warmer one, take certain medications – antiallergic drugs, diuretics, laxatives, or antidepressants, when you are in a poorly ventilated or unconditioned space or suffered a heat stroke in the past.

The President of Turkmenistan Conducts a Working Meeting Via the Digital System

President Serdar Berdimuhamedov conducted a working meeting via the digital system with the participation of the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers A. Yazmyradov, who is in charge of the agroindustrial complex, and hyakims of the velayats, at which the progress of seasonal field work in the country and issues of the socioeconomic development of the regions were discussed. First, the head of state gave the floor to the hyakim of the Ahal velayat Ya. Gurbanov who reported on the measures taken to organise the wheat harvesting without losses and timely settlements with grain growers for the harvest and on the ploughing of the land after harvesting in accordance with agro-technical requirements.

Caspian Sea is a Space of Opportunities

The Sixth Caspian Summit, successfully held in Ashgabat, became a significant political event in the context of further strengthening and developing good-neighbourly and friendly relations among the Caspian states. The activities carried out in the Caspian region by the coastal states ensure the peaceful development of this region, sustainable socioeconomic growth and environmental wellbeing. Stating the importance of the issues discussed by the heads of state at the Sixth Caspian Summit, the esteemed President Serdar Berdimuhamedov expressed confidence that the outcome of the Ashgabat Summit would be a worthy contribution to the successful promotion of multi-vector cooperation in the Caspian region and would contribute to bringing it to a qualitatively new level. At the same time, the decisions made are also important on a global scale. The Caspian Sea and the Caspian region as a whole occupy a strategically important position on the continent. The North–South and East–West transport corridors intersect here. Thus, the Caspian region is considered a special segment of the global geo-economic space, which necessitates the integration of the transport potentials of Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan and Russia.

Transport diplomacy: potential and prospects

Turkmenistan, which takes an exceptionally favourable geographical position, is confidently strengthening its position as an important transport and transit hub and logistics centre of regional and continental importance, striving to realise its impressive potential for the common benefit. By expanding transport flows from Asia to Europe and back, the country is successfully integrating its national economy into the global economic space. Turkmenistan, located at the intersection of the main East–West and North–South trade routes, is a strategic crossroads between Asia and Europe. The Eurasian continent has historically been a natural space of close and multifaceted interaction, in which dozens of peoples and states have been involved. For centuries, economic and commercial ties have been actively developing among them, trade routes have arisen and mastered. This process has always carried a huge civilisational function, ensuring the interpenetration of cultures and traditions, helping better perceive and understand each other.

Kurban Bayramy – the Feast of Pious and Good Deeds

Since the first years of independence, in accordance with the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan, our country widely celebrates every year the holy holiday of Kurban Bayramy that is included in the official calendar of holidays and significant dates of Turkmenistan. This is primarily because Kurban Bayramy, Oraza Bayramy and Nowruz Bayramy are the timeless holidays of an enduring importance in the new historical conditions for maintaining social foundations, turning believers to spiritual sources and instilling respect for the high moral and humanistic ideals common to all world religions. Eid al-Adha, or Kurban Bayramy, as the Turkic peoples call it, is the biggest Muslim holiday. In Arabic, the name of the holiday is translated as “Feast of Sacrifice”.

Entrepreneurship: In Priority Areas

In accordance with the instructions of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, a set of strategic development areas of small and medium-sized businesses is expanding, it includes various tools to support small and medium-sized businesses. An important component in achieving the goals is the State Programme to Support Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and the Action Plan for 2018–2024. This document was adopted in accordance with the Law of Turkmenistan “On State Support for Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises”, which will ensure the successful implementation of the Socioeconomic Development Programme for 2019–2025.

Chorek – a Symbol of Wealth and Wellbeing

The Turkmen people taught their grandchildren to love and respect bread from childhood. They greeted the guests with bread and salt and treated them to green tea. Chorek was compared to gold, the sun and the life itself. They revered and cherished it. They created songs, poems, stories and legends about bread. There are proverbs and sayings about it. “Bread is a nourisher”, “Bread and salt are friends” and “When there is bread, there will be a song” – these wise thoughts are about the main adornment of Turkmen dastarhan. In ancient times, Anau was located at the crossroads of the Great Silk Road and had strong trade and economic ties with the countries of the East and the West. In 1904, an archaeological expedition led by an American explorer Raphael Pumpelly found several soft wheat awns, the age of which is 5,000 years, in the strata of the III millennium BC in Anau. Now, they are displayed at the world’s only Wheat Museum in Anau – the administrative centre of the Ahal velayat. The museum collection features grains, stone grain grinders (II millennium BC), hand millstones (III-II millennia BC), an oil press for sesame seeds, figurines of the goddesses of fertility (Namazga-Depe, IV millennium BC), a bronze hoe (II millennium BC), an arrowhead, a bronze knife (III-II millennia BC), ceramic dish fragments with monochrome and polychrome patterns and other interesting exhibits.

To Protect Endemics and Rare Species of Flora

The compilation of the next, fourth, edition of the Red Data Book of Turkmenistan, which taxonomists often refer to when studying the biology of rare species, is at the final stage. One of the compilers of the scientific work of the flora section is the senior research worker of the laboratory of forest and pasture ecology of the National Institute of Deserts, Flora and Fauna of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Protection of Turkmenistan Guljamal KURBANMAMEDOVA. For readers of the newspaper, the scientist explains the nuances in the general concept of rare plant, offering to expand the boundaries of understanding of such a status, because the identification of a low abundance of a species does not always clearly indicate the need to take measures to protect it: “The small number of plants with a limited habitat due to anthropogenic causes is understandable; it arises under the influence of various forms of human economic activity or from recreational loads. If we consider the rarity of species of natural origin, then it can be conditioned by various factors; scientists divide them into biotic and ecological, while not dependent on humans. Then the circumstances that limit the size of the population are not always regarded as indicators that can threaten the state of the species. Under normal life activity, including self-renewal, the biological resistance of plants

Summer – the Hot Season

The calendar shows July, symbolising the approach of summer to the equator – the twice as hot season of the year, as it is at this time that the entrance exams to secondary and higher institutions of vocational education in our country starts. It is the hottest period for applicants. The most successful of them will deservedly join the ranks of students and enter the universities that this year’s graduates, the young highly qualified specialists in various professional fields, have left. Olympic movement of erudite students

The Healing Power of Mud Treatment

Turkmenistan is the sunniest and most hospitable country in the world, where there is much sun and clean air, which have a positive effect on people’s health. The humane policy pursued by Arkadagly Serdar, which is connected with protection of nature, environment and ecology as a whole, also contributes to strengthening the health of the population. The Mollakara resort, which is located in the Balkan velayat, is called the place of healing. Not only people in white coats treat here, but also Mother Nature itself, its water, even sand and mud. You do not believe?! So come to the balneology health resort, which is located near the Jebel railway station of the Balkan velayat.