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Wisdom of the Elders –the Basis of Harmonious Education of the Younger Generation

On the instructions of the National Leader of the Turkmen people, Chairman of the Halk Maslahaty of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, a meeting of the Council of Elders under the Halk Maslahaty of Turkmenistan and the Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov Council of Elders at the Charitable Foundation for Aid to Children in Need of Guardianship was held at the Maslahat Kösgi Palace. As it is known, on January 27 of the current year, the Hero-Arkadag conducted a working meeting with the participation of the Vice-President of the Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov Charitable Foundation for Aid to Children in Need of Guardianship R. Bazarov and the head of the Office of the Halk Maslahaty of Turkmenistan K. Babayev.

New Year resolutions for students for 2024

«7/24. tm» № 03 (190), 15.01.2024 Improve Time Management:

How to prepare for exams in a short time

«7/24. tm» № 03 (190), 15.01.2024 The most important thing any student can do to prepare for exam is to start early. But if the days of studying for an exam on the bus going to school are over, you may need to boost the preparation for exam in a most effective way. Here's a suggested plan of action:

The Results of the Russian Language Olympiad Have Been Summed up

At the end of the year 2023, held in our country under the motto “Happy Youth with Arkadag Serdar”, a series of major international student Olympiads in various disciplinary areas have been held by several domestic higher educational establishments. Among them is Dovletmammet Azadi Turkmen National Institute of World Languages, which initiated holding of the first International Internet Olympiad in the Russian language. In total, its participants included over one and a half thousand students from 182 universities of more than twenty countries around the world such as Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, China, Türkiye, the USA, Ukraine, Romania, Germany, India, the Republic of Korea, Hungary, Australia, Poland, France, Austria, Egypt, South Africa and Brazil. About half of the participants of the Olympiad were representatives of student youth of Turkmenistan from 26 higher educational establishments.

Multiple Victory of Fans of “Queen of Sciences”

A representative team consisting of students from Magtymguly Turkmen State University, the International University for Humanities and Development, the State Energy Institute, Seyitnazar Seydi Turkmen State Pedagogical Institute, Oguz Khan Engineering and Technological University and the Turkmen State Institute of Architecture and Construction successfully performed at the International Mathematical Olympiad (RUDN Math Olimp) in Moscow, initiated by the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. Experts representing about 30 higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, the People’s Republic of China, Algeria, the United Kingdom, Slovenia and France performed at this intellectual contest, which was held in the format of individual and team tests between 1st-4th-year students. It is illustrative that the international jury of the Olympiad included a lecturer from the Department of Mathematical Analysis at Magtymguly Turkmen State University Agaserdar Yolliyev, who headed a group of young mathematicians from his university.

Results of Olympiad on Financial Security

The Interuniversity Internet Olympiad on Financial Security completed its work at the Turkmen State Institute of Economics and Management, which had brought together students from several higher educational institutions of the country. The theme of 2023 in our country is “Happy Youth with Arkadag Serdar”, which gives an additional impetus to the rapid growth of education, science and innovation that are the priority areas of the state youth policy. Throughout the year, domestic universities hold on a regular basis numerous intellectual competitions aimed at developing the talents and professional skills of future high-class specialists.

Ten-Time Victory

A student team consisting of representatives of Dovletmammet Azadi Turkmen National Institute of World Languages and Magtymguly Turkmen State University successfully performed at the IV International Online Olympiad in Russian as a Foreign Language, which was held by St. Petersburg State University, Russia. This year, about 9 thousand students from around the world took part in one of the most widespread and prestigious Olympiads in the Russian language among foreigners. This figure is almost twice as much as the number of participants in this linguistic competition held last year.

Potential of the digital economy

The ‘Revival of the New Epoch of the Powerful State: the National Programme on Socio-Economic Development of Turkmenistan for 2022–2052’ is aimed at increasing the economic power of our country and ensuring the prosperous life of the people. The Programme sets important tasks to turn Turkmenistan into an industrially developed country. It should be noted that this National Programme plays an important role in solving the issues related to the proper organization of the economic system and industrial enterprises. The digital economy is being developed, and efficient work is being conducted in all spheres in our wonderful epoch. The digital economy means the use of advanced technologies in production, commerce and other areas. That is why young professionals should study high technologies. As is known, the digital economy has a positive impact on industries and creates new opportunities for business and entrepreneurs.

Youth and Environment

The team of the International University for Humanities and Development successfully represented our country at the 23rd Inter College Environmental Public Speaking Competition, which was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In total, about 500 students from 89 higher educational establishments of such countries as the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan, Egypt, the Republic of Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Tunisia, Oman, Yemen, Morocco, Jordan and others took part in this representative competition.

Honouring the Best

A solemn ceremony to honour students, who had been awarded with medals of different value for participating in prestigious intellectual competitions of the international level, has been held at Magtymguly Turkmen State University. Successful debut of Turkmen students

Best Experts in Mathematics

A solemn ceremony to honour the Turkmen students – the winners of Muhammad al-Khorezmi International Student Olympiad in Mathematics (2nd Al-Khorezmi International Mathematical Olympiad), which was held in Nukus, the capital of the Republic of Karakalpakstan of Uzbekistan, took place at the International University of Humanities and Development. The main aims of the Olympiad are to promote the enormous contribution of the great scientist to world science and civilisation at the international level, to support talented students, to engage them in fundamental and exact sciences and to expand international cooperation in research and science. The jury consists of well-known international mathematics experts, professors and teachers from the countries participating in the Olympiad.


As the vibrant hues of summer transition into the warm embrace of autumn, a new chapter unfolds in the chapters of our lives. September, with its crisp mornings and amber foliage, marks the beginning of a school year – a time filled with growth, learning and endless possibilities. Autumn, September and school are intertwined into a symphony of transformation, offering us the opportunity to embrace change, nurture our potential and embark on a journey of self-discovery. In this essay, we shall explore the profound connection between autumn, September and the realm of education, and how they inspire and motivate us to reach new heights. Autumn, with its breath taking beauty, serves as a gentle reminder of the impermanence of life and the cyclical nature of growth. The sight of leaves transforming into a tapestry of gold, orange and red inspires us to embrace change and find beauty in every phase of life. Similarly, as we step into a new school year in September, we are presented with an opportunity to develop, learn and become the best version of ourselves. Autumn reminds us that like the trees that shed their leaves to make way for new growth, we must let go of our fears and limitations to embrace the unknown and discover our potential.

The home of bliss

The festive celebrations of the Day of Knowledge and Student Youth were full of exciting moments for young people in Turkmenistan. A number of buildings of educational institutions were opened in all regions of the country on September 1. It should be noted that hundreds of young people were lucky to take part in the general lesson by our Hero-Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, which took place at the Ruhyyet Palace in the city of Arkadag. When people listened to the speech of our Hero-Arkadag at this lesson on the Watan news programme on the first day of the 2023/2024 academic year, they took great pride in the glorious history, and the present-day achievements of the sacred independence.

Preparing Children for School After the Summer Holidays

Summer holidays are a long-awaited and favourite time for all schoolchildren. The time when you can walk, relax and have enough sleep, but after the rest, it is not easy to start your studies in September. How to prepare a student for the learning process without anxiety and stress – simple tips will help. First of all, it is important to restore the daily routine. The time of waking up depends on when the child goes to bed. Try to gradually shift your bedtime by 10-15 minutes until you reach the optimal 9-10 p.m. Daily routine is very important for the health of the child. Children who adhere to the correct daily routine suffer less from stress and become sick less.

Hero-Arkadag spoke about the role of Turkmen youth

The National Leader of the Turkmen people, Chairman of the Halk Maslahaty of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on the Day of Knowledge and Student Youth held a general lesson at the «Ruhyyet» Palace in the city of Arkadag and spoke about the role of Turkmen youth in the development of the state and society. According to him, in the achievements that contribute to strengthening the foundations of our independence and sovereignty, ensuring stable socio-economic development and a radical improvement in the social and living conditions of the people, the merit of representatives of society of all ages, especially young people, is great.

Preparing for new school year

«7/24 tm» № 35 (170) 28.08.2023 The new 2023-2024 school year will start in a few days. Experts advise introducing light mental loads at least one week in advance. They can be in a game form and not necessarily according to the school curriculum. It is also desirable to synchronize the morning rise and evening «lights out» with the one that will be used in the autumn.

Education is a Significant Factor of Progress

At the heart of the 2030 Agenda is a transformative, rights-based vision of “a fair, equitable, tolerant, inclusive and barrier-free world that meets the needs of the most vulnerable”. The 2030 Agenda covers all aspects of our lives. Goal 4 aims at providing inclusive and equal high-quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. Education, the improvement of its quality and accessibility for everyone are among the priorities of the policy of Turkmenistan. The 21st century is the age of knowledge, information and communications, an era characterised by rapid technological development. Therefore, a new development model for the third millennium can only be formed with the help of education and enlightenment. Goal 4 of the global 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is based on the conception of changing people’s lives through lifelong learning.

Eight Medals for Connoisseurs of the “Queen of Sciences”

A group of Turkmen students returned with cherished medals from another international intellectual competition. It includes representatives of various higher educational institutions of our country. They successfully performed at the 30th International Student Olympiad in Mathematics, which is traditionally held in the Bulgarian city of Blagoevgrad. The organisation and holding of this major mathematical competition are an annual and joint initiative of the American University in Bulgaria and University College London. This time, about four hundred students from more than a hundred higher educational institutions around the world became its participants. The best Turkmen connoisseurs of the “queen of sciences” were seriously competed by their peers from China, Russia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Algeria, Brazil, Canada, the USA, the UK, Iran, Turkey, Singapore and a number of other countries.

Preparations for the New Academic Year

Is entering its finish round. Traditionally for August, on these summer days, school bazaars and fairs are organised throughout our country, which offer their young customers a wide range of goods necessary for school life. The importance of the proper operation of such targeted outlets was especially emphasised at the sitting of the Cabinet of Ministers, held on the eve of the entry of the last month of summer into its calendar right. Summing up the report of the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, who told the head of state on the provision of the country’s markets with stationery, school uniforms, tracksuits, shoes and other goods demanded by students of educational institutions of different status, President

A Choice of Future Profession – a Matter of Great Importance

Following the tradition, secondary and higher vocational educational institutions in our country are conducting an admission campaign in these summer days. The important time for the conscious choice of a future profession and the start of a new stage in the life of young citizens of Turkmenistan has come. The opening of new educational institutions, the admission of applicants for new areas of training and the upgrade of curricula enable Turkmenistan’s educational sector to keep pace with the times and to train highly qualified specialists who will continue to strengthen the foundations of the national economy. The year 2023 is the Year of Happy Youth with Arkadag Serdar, which gives a new impetus to the rapid development of education, science and technology. The strategic goal of the state policy in this sphere is to expand access to high-quality education that meets the requirements of the innovative economic development and the contemporary needs of society and every citizen of the country. In this regard, digitalisation has a widespread impact on the development of all sectors of the national economy without exception. The construction of “smart” cities and “factories of the future”, the development of NG precision farming and the provision of new types of online services necessitates significantly expanding the range of professional training for young specialists.