Seasonal Illness Prevention Tips:

Open windows regularly to provide fresh air to offices and rooms of the flat. Keep your hands clean, observe a distance of 2 metres and wear masks correctly.

The Health doctri­ne of our Na­tio­nal Lea­der — the so­urce of pros­pe­rous and healt­hy li­fe

Now it has become the usual ha­bit for me: on rest-da­ys or af­ter work whi­le having tea my hand stretches to the books­helf. It is very in­te­res­ting and plea­sant for me to read books writ­ten by our Na­tio­nal Leader on dif­fe­rent the­mes. Fol­lo­wing my usual ha­bit I be­gan rea­ding the bo­ok «The Doctri­ne of Ar­ka­dag is the So­urce of Health and Ins­pi­ra­tion» and af­ter it I decided to wri­te about the sig­ni­ficance of the healt­hy li­fe cour­se of our count­ry which became the pri­ma­ry trend of the sta­te po­licy in our count­ry. Of cour­se, in the year «Turk­me­nis­tan – the Ho­me of Peace and Trust» when such sacred no­tions as health, ins­pi­ra­tion are en­riched with glo­rious and his­to­ric events it is not by chance that I decided to wri­te about the health po­licy of our He­ro Ar­ka­dag. Because the healt­hy mo­de of li­fe can be se­en on the per­so­nal examp­le of our es­tee­med Pre­si­dent who go­es in for dif­fe­rent kinds of sports and his po­licy is di­rected at brin­ging up healt­hy young ge­ne­ra­tion. The fun­da­men­tal works car­ried out by our es­tee­med Pre­si­dent, his great chan­ges in or­der to bring up young ge­ne­ra­tion who are the fu­tu­re of our Fat­her­land as educated, pat­rio­tic per­so­na­li­ties who have per­fect mo­ral fe

Diagnostics and treatment of mediastinal tumors

Due to the morphological diversity of mediastinal tumors, their clinical course and treatment results differ from each other. Due to the variety of morphological structures of mediastinal tumors, the clinical parameters of disease are different and have their own peculiarities of the course [4, 5].

Organ-preserving operations for placenta previa and placenta accreta

Despite the development of science in general, and in particular the development of obstetrics, at present, maternal mortality remains one of the primary problems in different countries [1, 2]. In our country and abroad, numerous scientific works are devoted to the problem of maternal mortality, the main focus of which is the study of causes, prevention and conducting quality treatment, which allows to avoid irreversible consequences of obstetric bleeding. For a long time, there was a provision on the need for a planned hysterectomy for placenta previa and placenta accreta in order to avoid massive bleeding [3, 5]. According to the literature and on the recommendations of foreign authors, in case of pathology of the placenta, methods of organ-preserving operations are used [4]. The aim of the work is to analyze the results of managing patients with placenta previa and true placenta accreta.

Changes in portal hemodynamics in patients with liver cirrhosis

Latent course of many chronic diffuse liver diseases and, as a result, their delayed diagnosis underlie the frequent formation of liver cirrhosis (LC) [7, 9]. The cause of death of patients with LC is mainly complications of portal hypertension (PH), among which bleeding from esophageal varicose veins dilatation (EVVD) is 40%, hepatic encephalopathy 30%, infectious (pneumonia, spontaneous bacterial peritonitis, urinary infections) complications 30%. Changes in intrahepatic hemodynamics play one of the key roles in the pathogenesis of hepatic diseases. Doppler ultrasound of vessels of the portal system is considered an affordable, informative and non-invasive method in the early diagnosis of liver diseases [8].

Modern aspects of myopia diagnosis in children

Myopia is distinguished by a variety of clinical forms, complexity of pathogenesis, which includes biomechanical, vascular and metabolic factors, difficulty of early diagnosis and treatment, severity of prognosis and the high medical and social significance of disease [1-3]. The use of optical coherence tomography (OCT) for the first time makes it possible for a high-precision objective qualitative and quantitative assessment of reticular and vascular tunic of eye, which opens up wide opportunities in graft morphometric study of various segments of the fundus of eye in myopia [4]. The aim of the work is to identify morphometric diagnostic signs of myopia progression by means of optical coherence tomography of the fundus of eye in children.

The effect of ecological crisis of the Aral sea on the health state of the population

Ecological crisis of the Aral Sea affects 60 million population of Central Asia and an area of about 25 million hectares [2, 10]. The Aral Sea is a saltwater lake or inland sea in Central Asia. Overconsumption of water for irrigating agricultural land has turned the fourth largest sea-lake in the world, previously rich in life, into a barren desert [6]. Shrinking Aral Sea is one of the most powerful sources of natural aerosols entering the atmosphere [2].

Modern methods of diagnostics of urolithiasis

Urolithiasis is one of the most common diseases. The incidence of nephrolithiasis in Central Asia is up to 1-5%, in Europe – 5-9%, in North America – 13%, in Saudi Arabia – 20%, and its growth is noted in all regions [2, 4, 6-10]. Patients with urolithiasis make up 30-40% of all patients in urological hospitals. In most cases, people of working age (30-50 years old) suffer from it. The main role in diagnosis of urolithiasis is a method of X-ray examination – plain and excretory urography. Before the introduction of computed tomography into practical health care, excretory urography was considered the "gold standard" in the diagnosis of urolithiasis. Some stones are not visible on X-rays (urate calculus). Other stones (X-ray positive) trap X-rays and are therefore visualized (oxalates, phosphates). X-ray-negative stones can be diagnosed using contrast urography – due to the lack of contrast agent at the site of urate calculus, a symptom of "filling defect" is determined (Fig. 1).

Stenting of vertebral artery in atherosclerotic stenosis

Chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency (CCVI) is still one of the main causes of death and disability among population [1]. Most often, CCVI is caused by the pathology of carotid arteries, the second cause are occlusive-stenotic lesions of vertebral arteries (VA), leading to the development of vertebrobasilar insufficiency syndrome (VBI) [2]. We present the first clinical case carried out in our center.

Pulmonary arteriovenous aneurism

Pulmonary arteriovenous aneurysm is a congenital disease. During a period of embryonic development in a child, as a result of disturbances in the normal formation of pulmonary artery and vein (as a separate system), anastomosis – an innate pathological connection between arteries and veins is formed [2]. We present a case from our practical work.