Remember good hygiene practices

«7/», №48 (79), 29.11.2021. It is very important to protect yourself and your family and reduce the spread of diseases during the epidemic of acute viral respiratory infections. Each of us is able to do this by following the rules of disease prevention.

Popularisation of physical culture and sports – care for strengthening the health of the society

The President of Turkmenistan Visits the Olympic Complex of the Capital President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, as usual, began his day with morning exercises and then visited the capital’s Olympic Complex, where he did exercises on fitness equipment and various sports with his associates.

Follow the Rules and Stay Healthy

Today, wearing medical masks in public and crowded places and in offices, has become an element of a set of measures aimed at preventing various infectious diseases and the impact of the environment. Being as personal protective cover, it helps only if you follow the rules of its wearing. First of all, the mask should be firmly fastened to the face – mouth and nose must be closed. If the mask is equipped with a fixator along the upper edge, then with its help you can give the mask the desired shape and it is better to press it against the bridge of the nose. The bottom edge of the mask must completely cover the chin.

Uzarlik (peganum harmala) — a natural balsam

Following healthy life-style bases, feeding according to rules, following the hygienic rules, avoiding bad habits, going in for sports are main principles of healthy way of life. Taking foods rich in vitamins, minerals, increasing the abilities fighting against diseases, tempering the body, training, movement help prevention of different diseases. Several books by our Esteemed President popularizing healthy life-style, giving wide information about the role of medicinal herbs growing on the sunny land of our country, playing an important role in prevention of diseases and other complications, revealing them in time became valuable and significant scientific sources not only for doctors but also for masses of population. Because these wonderful books serving as the scientific basis for development of the world medical science, for long life of people, for healthy life-style spread the folk medicine which was developed by our ancestors and became the national value of the Turkmen people in the world.

Seasonal Illness Prevention Tips:

Open windows regularly to provide fresh air to offices and rooms of the flat. Keep your hands clean, observe a distance of 2 metres and wear masks correctly.

Personal hygiene practices

Human skin protects the entire body from all kinds of environmental influences. Keeping the skin clean is very important, because in addition to the protective function, it performs the thermoregulatory, metabolic, immune, secretory, receptor, respiratory and other functions. To maintain the skin clean, and so that it will work most effectively to protect the body, it is necessary to bathe in warm water every day. Also, keep your hands and nails clean. Dirt from the hands containing pathogens can enter our bodies through the mouth with food. For example, dysentery, as well as many other ailments, are called ‘dirty hands’ disease. Hands should be washed before and after using the toilet, before and after eating, after contact with animals. If you are on the road, then wipe your hands with a damp cloth or use disinfectants and sprays to kill at least some amount of germs.

Basic Rules for Hand Hygiene of the Family

With the view to ensure the sanitary and epidemiological wellbeing of the people and to prevent mass outbreaks of infectious diseases, the World Health Organisation strongly recommends maintaining good hand hygiene, because the untidiness can have dire consequences for health. Just imagine: if you do not wash your hands before eating, then the pathogens of the most dangerous diseases – viral pneumonia, ARVI, influenza and hepatitis – can easily get into the body.

Seasonal Illness Prevention Tips:

Include vegetables and fruit, fish, dairy dishes and other food products rich in vitamins A, B1 and C in the diet.

Immunity Protecting Health

We all know that the human immune system is primarily responsible for protecting from various unfavourable environmental factors and from harmful microbes and viruses, which it “recognises” and “neutralises”. Probably everyone knows that there are two types of immunity: nonspecific and specific. Despite the scientifically sounded expressions, they can be explained simply: we receive specific immunity by inheritance, through the genes of our parents, but as for nonspecific immunity, we develop ourselves, because viruses constantly mutate and the body is forced to rearrange itself in order to create protection against them. Unfortunately, over the years, human immunity undergoes a number of significant changes. By the age of 15, the human immune system reaches its peak, after which it gradually decreases. Therefore, immunity must be constantly maintained, increased and strengthened. Moreover, this is a simple matter and the advice of medical specialists will help you increase and strengthen your immunity within a short period time.

Comparative analysis of immunomodulators affecting the functional activity of blood leukocytes of athletes

Modern sport of the highest achievements sets the athletes the task of overcoming extremely difficult, and in some cases, extreme psychoemotional and physical stress. The analysis of scientific literature shows that regardless of the type of sport, athletes of the highest achievements have significantly reduced functional activity of the immune system, there is a slight immunodeficiency [3, 5-7]. In this regard, the search for means of increasing the functional capabilities of the immune system of the body of athletes is relevant, and not only with the help of synthetic drugs, but also drugs of natural origin. One of the herbal preparations is licorice root, which is well known in the folk medicine of Turkmenistan [2]. The drug of choice for stimulating the immune system can be imunofan, which is currently widely used to correct disorders of the immune system [8].