Recipe for good spring mood

Changeable spring weather sometimes echoes our mood. At times we are cheerful and energetic and occasionally suddenly fatigue can set in. Here are some tips. First of all, the regime

Advice to promote your health

«», № 20 (103), 16.05.2022   If your immune system is weak, then you have only one way out – to take care of it and help it effectively respond to all external threats. Here are some recommendations on how to boost your immune system.

Strengthen Immunity according to the Recipe of Spring

Everything that strengthens the immune system helps prevent diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the rules of a healthy lifestyle, among which are the daily regime, hardening, sufficient physical activity, rational nutrition and hygiene. Start your day with a cup of black or green tea. Tea can have a miraculous effect on our body, including immunity. Ginger tea also activates metabolism. Grate the ginger root, put in a teapot and pour boiling water over it. Let it brew, then add honey and lemon. Ginger tea also normalises body temperature and alleviates coughing.

European Immunization Week 2022

«7/», № 18 (101), 02.05.2022. European Immunization Week 2022 was held in Turkmenistan from 24 to 30 April 2022. This annual campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of immunization in preventing diseases and protecting people’s lives.

Inspiring news

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) awarded the Certificate of Gratitude to Ashgabat in recognition for the pledge to the Trees in Cities Challenge. This good news has greatly inspired our compatriots. As is known, the tree planting campaigns have special importance in human life. In this context, the selection of sustainable species of trees for this region of the country ensures that the work is effective. At the same time, the planting of orchards enhances the beauty of our country and ensures the abundance of fruits. It is necessary to plant fruit trees and grapes along with coniferous trees during the mass tree planting season. Thus, forest zones are being formed around the cities and villages in our country. At the same time, the active use of scientific achievements and water-saving technologies is very beneficial in terms of both economy and ecology.

Vaccines Offer Opportunities for a Health and Long Life

These days, the European Immunisation Week is being held under the slogan “Prevent. Protect. Immunise.” This initiative is supported by all 53 Member States of the WHO Regional Office for Europe (WHO/Europe), including Turkmenistan. On this occasion, the WHO Resident Representative in Turkmenistan Dr. Egor ZAITSEV answered questions from an NT correspondent.

In spring without colds and ARVI

In the spring, our body, weakened during the long winter, is not always able to resist acute respiratory viral infections. That is why at this time of the year it is very important to pay attention to their prevention. The most effective way to prevent ARVI, recommended by the World Health Organisation, is vaccination.

The youth on the way to perfection

Impressive work is underway in the field of education and youth policy, as well as in other spheres in our independent, permanently neutral Motherland. To date, young patriotic, honest, well-educated and skilful professionals are the guarantors of a happy future for our country. Thus, the laws, decrees, and special programmes, including in the Foreign Languages Teaching Concept, related to science and education, have been adopted in Turkmenistan. The foreign languages become more important in the revival of the new epoch of the powerful state, when the economic potential of our country grows and international cooperation expands. This fact demonstrates that languages represent an important part of understanding, move beyond the role of communication and make rapid progress. Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute conducts effective work to prepare physically and mentally healthy, skilful young professionals.

The source of wellness

The countries that pay great attention to the young generations are considered the most powerful nations in the world. Turkmenistan has great confidence in the youth and creates excellent conditions to educate well-developed, patriotic and skilful young professionals. Health provides joy and inspiration to a person. People need basic physical activity to be healthy. It means that sport is the best way to wellness and the source of inspiration and beauty. Our country pays great attention to sport as a priority of the state policy. The development and promotion of the mass physical culture and health movement is the key to achieving physical and mental well-being of the younger generations.

Bicycle means ecology and wellness

Great achievements have been made in health and ecology, as well as in other spheres in the revival of the new epoch of the powerful state. These achievements are recognized by the world community and international organizations. The concern for health and a healthy lifestyle is reflected in the state programmes, the Laws of Turkmenistan, the large-scale construction of medical institutions, sports facilities, the expansion of the sanatorium and recreation system, and in the social, economic and spiritual development of the people.