Equestrian sports

12 November 2021

Equestrian sports provide a number of activities that allow riders to feel the pleasure of interacting with horses and to improve physical conditions. The ancient writings include information about the impact of horse riding on the human health. Hippocrates advised phlegmatic and gloomy people to ride horses. He believed that horse riding keeps people away from bad thoughts.

The effect of horse riding on the body depends on the way of riding. For example, horse riding on plain land has the same health benefits for the human body as walking. Galloping is the same as running on a mountain or in cross country. While riding a horse, the pressure on the vertebrae is significantly reduced compared to walking or running, but at the same time the biological balance of the human body is adjusted.

Gurbanmyrat CHARYEV,
a lecturer, Yagshygeldi Kakayev International University of Oil and Gas.