Artificial intelligence for the benefit of society

18 June 2021

Smart algorithms that make up artificial intelligence already determine contours of the future. Thus, many metropolises around the world are investing in becoming “smart” cities, using artificial intelligence for public benefit.

This depends directly on the successful implementation and widespread use of digitalisation possibilities. In Turkmenistan, this process is carried out in accordance with the Programme of the President of Turkmenistan of the socioeconomic development of the country for 2019–2025, the Conception of the development of digital economy in Turkmenistan for 2019–2025 and the State Programme of the development of digital economy in Turkmenistan for 2021–2025. The implementation of major infrastructure projects, including creating “smart” cities, is of particular importance. These are the Ashgabat City and the new administrative centre of Ahal velayat. The construction of new modern cities signifies another important step along the way of successful realisation of the socioeconomic policy of the President of Turkmenistan, one of the key vectors of which is the creation of all conditions for a comfortable life.