Some problems of export to the european union countries

16 July 2021

In the prosperous epoch of a powerful state the increasement of export, regular development of competetiveness of high quality productions produced in our country symbolizes rapidly growth of naional economy. Achieving complience with the requirements of standards for export products is one of important goals. One of the main export directions of Turkmenistan is European Union. We are going to discuss requirements for goods exported to Europen Union.

In recent days, the range of sales of agricultural products is regularly expanding. Organic products that are sold in Germany are not imported from the countries of the European Union, but from countries that are not members of it. The list of goods imported from other countries is not limited to simple agricultural products previously sold to European countries (for example, tea, coffee, and others). Now most of the goods in the markets and in stores are products supplied from abroad. For example, dry organic products are purchased in huge quantities in China. Wheat is brought from Ukraine. While the potatoes are not harvested on local farms, organic potatoes are bought in Egypt and sold in «healthy food» stores in Germany.

Teacher of the Turkmen State Financial Institute