An inseparable component of the national heritage

20 April 2022

In the final days of 2021, which was held un-der the motto «Turkmenistan – the Home of Peace and Trust», at a joint meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan and the State Security Council, the  Leader  of the Nation, having focused on the topic of the Turkmen alabay and its role in the life of Turkmens, noted that with the horses the ancestors connected their dreams and aspirations, and with alabay, which is an excellent   result   of   folk   selection prosperity.  The words of the Head of state, that people say: «It geldi – gut geldi» («The dog has come – happiness has come»), inspired the people. As the Leader of the nation emphasizes, the Turkmen alabay embodies the inherent features of the people who bred this beautiful breed, its the main features are fearlessness, courage, loyalty and patience.The Head of state also told an old legend that from the moment of birth a person is surrounded by many realities, and it is dogs that awaken good feelings in him, emphasizing that legends arise for a reason. With their devotion and courage, the Alabay have been and still the closest friends of man. The ori- gins of this friendship go back centuries.At the same time, the Leader of the nation stressed that alabay is our national pride, an inseparable part of the rich heritage. In this context, the Head of state, noting that the preservation of the breed and bringing it to future generations in its original form for everyone is a sacred duty, taking into account the wishes of the people, signed the Decree on holding the Holiday of Turkmen Alabays annually on the last Sunday of October. This was a significant event for the dog breeders of the country.