18 October 2021

On August 31, 2020, the founders of the International Association Turkmen Alabay dogs held a video conference in the capial’s hotel “Archabil”. The forum, which took place in the conference hall of the “Archabil” was attended by foreign experts-heads of the state Ministry and departments, public organizations, the country’s media and key experts, as well as delegates from Armenia, Belgium, Belarus, Georgia, Iran, China, Russia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, France and many other countries cynology federation, associations, clubs, scientific observatory members attended online video conference. Agenda of the meeting was restructuring the Turkmen alabay dogs associations and establishment of the International Association Turkmen Alabay dogs. During meeting agenda of creating new associations considered and to its committee members elected from foreign members of the Executive Committee, the Supervisory Board and the Governing body.Beside that divisions of this association created in Ashgabat city and other regions their new directors appointed. As noted by the Participants of the forum, the protection and dissmenination of national values is one of the priorities of the state policy pursued by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on a regular basis. They stressed that further improvement and increase in the number of selective breeding of Turkmen alabay has become an important area of large-scale work
in this area. We present to the readers the speeches of foreign experts at the meeting of the International Association celebrating the glory of the Turkmen alabay, which we are proud of:– I am so excited that we can share our experiences and abilities as dog breeders. Society for the Protection of dog Breeds of the Republic of Uzbekistan is established in 2018. From that period a lot of efforts conducted by dog breeders to protect and increase the breed
dogs. By special cytologists its deduced that in our country there are 50 pure blood alabay dogs exists. Protecting and increasing the alabay dogs pure breed and passing them to future generations is our main purpose. In the future our cooperation with International Association Turkmen Alabay dogs will help to leave the pure blood alabay dogs to our next generations. We are very thankful to the Esteemed President of Turkmenistan for giving this opportunity to attend such meetings and exchange experiences.

Director of Society for the Protection of dog Breeds of the Republic of Uzbekistan.