Mysteries of medieval city

7 January 2022

The heritage of our people is an integral part of the world cultural heritage, therefore, the deep study and wide popularisation of the monuments of the material and spiritual culture of the Turkmen people are in the focus of the attention of the President of Turkmenistan.

There were many large settlements in the medieval Merv oasis, and many of them were located along the caravan routes connecting Merv with Nisa, Khwarezm, Amul, Sarahs and Merverud. Historical and geographical writings of the medieval East tell about cities and settlements such as Faz, Jirendj, Mehdiabad, Yahyaabad, Karineyn, Asadabad, Laukar, Hauzan and al-Ahnaf. The road from Merv to Merverud was part of a large route that went further to cities and countries that existed in the territory of modern states of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

a research worker at the Institute of History and Archaeology, Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan Photos: Personal archive of K. ADYKOV