A Colourful Symphony of Handmade Art

24 December 2021

Woven scarves and shawls have a special place among the famous unique products that are the pride of the Turkmen people. However, the colourful variety of headscarves pales before one of the main attributes for a bride’s dress. This is duypli gynach – a homespun headscarf, rather a shawl, the largest in size and the most impressive in beauty, a handmade art work of ornamental weaving, perfectly complementing the national festive clothes of the Turkmen woman. Almost every family have handkerchiefs, skilfully made with great love, which are kept in grandmother’s chest.

The custom of tying the woven shawl duypli gynach on a high headdress boryk or topby, worn by married women, began to be forgotten in the 1960-70s. Today, the woven shawl has regained popularity, and it is often an element of the national wedding ceremony – the change of a girl’s attire for a woman’s one. Further changes are associated with the invention of more convenient forms that do not interfere with work and are consistent with national traditions.

an ethnographer, Candidate of History. Photo: Hasan MAGADOV.