Hunting Stories

All sorts of occasions, which sometimes leave very strong impressions, not always pleasant ones, in the memory of not only people, but also animals, always occur in hunting. “Those who have not seen fear have not been on the hunt,” people say. Here are some stories on this theme. A Fight at the Cost of a Voice

A Wrestler Dish (A Short Story)

Berdi has returned from anniversary birthday party with a trophy. «He is not Berdi, but he is a brave spirit» as said Madresul, friend and fellow student of Berdi who had brought him to the party. Leaving the party, Berdi muttered to himself all the way coming to the hostel. «Well, would you ever do such a thing if you are not an out-and-out fool, as Gorogly beg used to say. Not for nothing do our forefathers said, «Don’ t ever try do something which you cannot grasp». Well, you’ve come here to study. Well, you do some wrestling. So what?! Aren’t there any other wrestlers except you? Wrestling doesn’t mean that you are the winner. Wrestling is just trying your luck. You either win or lose. If you are strong enough with your muscular calves, strong wrists and have knowledge of numerous wrestling methods – then, you are the winner. Otherwise, you are subjected to defeat by opponent with your back, touching the ground, and if you are able to move quickly from under your rival, then have no other choice rather than leaving the wrestling field accompanied with derisive laughter from spectators. And if you taste someone’s bitter words, you will be shivering and trembling with breaking out in goose pimples all over your body. In addition, if he says, «Alas, the ground where this fleshy wrestler fell down cracked with resounding noise, I am afraid that he has wetted h

The Ant and the Grain of Wheat (Fable)

By Leonardo da Vinci The grain of wheat, left alone in the field after the harvest, was waiting for the rain so that it could hide once more beneath the soil before the weather gets cold. An ant passing by saw the grain, loaded it onto his back, and plodded painfully away toward his distant anthill. As the ant walked and walked, the grain of wheat seemed to grow heavier and heavier on his weary shoulders.

Beki Seytakov: Master of Prose

Beki Seytakov was born in 1914 into a poor peasant’s family in the Bedirkent village of the Tagta district of the Dashoghuz province. He experienced a hard life in his childhood. Later he expressed his feelings about that period of life in his poem «Little Child»: I remember my childhood passed in sorrowDay and night I wanted bread to borrow.

Poetry is life

The Hero of Turkmenistan, People’s Writer Gozel Shaguliyeva is widely known in our country. Her verses, in which the melody of life plays, are full of thoughts, hopes and joys. She wrote her first poems about the Motherland for the school newspaper when she was 11. Poetry entered her life early and was not brought to judgment of readers for a long time, remaining, according to the poetess, “the refuge of her soul”. It was not until 1969, when she was 29, that she sent her verses to a literary newspaper for the first time, where they were published. She made her debut thus. The poetic talent of Gozel Shaguliyeva was noticed, and a new name appeared in Turkmen literature. The recognition from readers and poets of Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan came to her. Gozel Shaguliyeva is a fine lyricist. Many verses by the Turkmen poetess are set to music today. The songs I was Waiting for You, A White Dove, White Flowers and others became popular.