Symbolic AFC Cup team

The 7/ e-supplement of Turkmenistan Sport International Magazine offers its version of the symbolic team of the AFC Cup group stage 

Historic record

The Tokyo Olympic Games break a historic record for the numbers of female and male athletes        «7/», №30 (61), 26.07.2021.


Olympic Games start with softball matches «7/», №30 (61), 26.07.2021.

Solemn Ceremony of Sending off Turkmenistan team to Olympic Games

On July 16, on the instructions of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, a solemn ceremony of sending off the national team that would represent Turkmenistan at the XXXII Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan took place in the conference hall of the Sport Hotel in the Olympic Complex. The ceremony was attended by the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, Honoured Coach of Turkmenistan S. Berdimuhamedov, the heads of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Policy and national sports centres and federations, lecturers and students from the Turkmen State Institute of Physical Culture and Sport. The Turkmenistan national team consists of nine athletes representing four sports –judo, track and field athletics, weightlifting and swimming.

Chary Mammedov: ‘We are optimistic about the Tokyo Olympics’

The name of the international weightlifting referee, Secretary General of the National Weightlifting Federation of Turkmenistan Chary Mammedov is well known. He has worked at the national championships, as well as at the international competitions. To date, our compatriot is a referee at the XXXII Summer Olympics. We interviewed Chary Mammedov on the eve of the national team's departure for the Olympics. – How did you start with the weightlifting?


Tennis federation of Turkmenistan and Russian international olympic university sign agreement  «7/», №29 (60), 19.07.2021.

CONMEBOL proposes UEFA to stage Argentina-Italy match

«7/», №29 (60), 19.07.2021.  The South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) proposed the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) to stage a match between the national teams of Italy and Argentina, journalist Cesar Luis Merlo reports.

Sport and health

The President of Turkmenistan equates the human health to the wealth of the country and conducts the impressive work in the field of healthcare and sports aimed at educating the healthy young people and at promoting the principles of a healthy lifestyle. The great initiatives of the Turkmen leader ensure the steady development of the sports system in Turkmenistan, the strengthening of the material and technical base, and the promotion of the principles of a healthy lifestyle among our people. In our Motherland, the principle ‘the state is for the people!’ represents the basis of our happy life. The great concern of the President of Turkmenistan is aimed at developing the mass physical culture, recreation infrastructure and high-level sports movement. It should be noted that, according to the goals of the far-sighted sports policy put forward by the Turkmen leader, the sports complexes, stadiums, gymnasiums and equestrian complexes that meet international standards are built and put into operation in our white city Ashgabat, Velayats, Etraps, and different corners of the country. We express sincere gratitude and wish the President of Turkmenistan, who has brought the Turkmen sports to the impressive heights and has been concerned for the health of the people, sound health, long life and success for the benefit of our Motherland!

Following the principles of a healthy lifestyle

In fact, staying active at any age and following the principles of a healthy lifestyle are important conditions for a happy life. Motion is the most reliable way to strengthen the health, to promote and to improve work efficiency. At the same time, an active person feels happy and cheerful. Moreover, people stimulate their appetites when they are running or walking in the fresh air. This process gives them the wonderful feelings that come from the harmony of motion and appetite. Experts say that medicines cannot replace physical activity. Thus, the President of Turkmenistan noted that people should be active at any age. The Turkmen leader considers the health of people to be the main wealth of the country and conducts great work in this sphere. The example of the President of Turkmenistan is a guide and a great school for our compatriots.

Horse is a loyal and cheerful friend

The magnificent works by the President of Turkmenistan demonstrate the love and pride of the Turkmen people for the Ahalteke horses. 'Ahalteke Horse – Our Pride and Glory’, ‘Winged Horses’, ‘Swift Step of Horse’, ‘A Horse – a Symbol of Faithfulness and Happiness’ are four books to enhance the glory of our heavenly horses around the world and to represent invaluable guides for equestrians and horse fans. The Turkmen leader wrote in the book ‘A Horse – a Symbol of Faithfulness and Happiness’, ‘Wherever history begins, there are the horse tracks at that time’. These words demonstrate that the ‘heavenly’ horses have had a special place and significance in the life of our people throughout the glorious history. The Turkmen people considered horses to be their wings, companions on the days of hunt, and loyal friends on holidays. People created a number of proverbs, including in ‘when you wake up in the morning, see your father first, and then see your horse’, ‘a horse is the best friend of a young man’, ‘horse is an old friend’, etc.