Returning to the Motherland

29 July 2022

The history of Turkmen jewellery goes back to ancient times. This is confirmed by archaeological finds in the form of female figurines of ancient times, richly decorated with ornaments on clothes and headdresses. The high skill of working with silver, gold and stones of the Turkmen jewellers has been passed down from generation to generation. The combination of sophistication and nobility, wealth and moderateness makes Turkmen jewellery works of art, over which time has no power.

The State Museum of the State Cultural Centre of Turkmenistan hosted the opening of an exhibition entitled “Jewellery Art – Treasury of National Heritage”, where all the jewellery handed over by a Swiss citizen Natalie Markarian-Fard is presented to visitors.

the Head of the Fine Arts Department, State Museum, State Cultural Centre of Turkmenistan. Photo: Hassan MAGADOV