Transport diplomacy: potential and prospects

8 July 2022

Turkmenistan, which takes an exceptionally favourable geographical position, is confidently strengthening its position as an important transport and transit hub and logistics centre of regional and continental importance, striving to realise its impressive potential for the common benefit. By expanding transport flows from Asia to Europe and back, the country is successfully integrating its national economy into the global economic space.

Turkmenistan, located at the intersection of the main East–West and North–South trade routes, is a strategic crossroads between Asia and Europe. The Eurasian continent has historically been a natural space of close and multifaceted interaction, in which dozens of peoples and states have been involved. For centuries, economic and commercial ties have been actively developing among them, trade routes have arisen and mastered. This process has always carried a huge civilisational function, ensuring the interpenetration of cultures and traditions, helping better perceive and understand each other.

Head at the Department, Directorate of the Study of Commodity Circulation in Internal and External Markets, Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations of Turkmenistan. Collage: Vyacheslav SAHAROV