Ala­bay – the Most Ancient Dog Breed

4 March 2022

This breed has several na­mes. It is cal­led the Turk­men Ala­bay, or the Cent­ral Asian shep­herd dog, or the Turk­men wolf­hound. Experts be­lieve that this is the ear­liest dog breed on the pla­net, the on­ly breed that has re­mai­ned uninf­luenced by ot­her breeds and pre­served its ancient ge­no­ty­pe in­tact. Ala­bay, as well as the Ahal­te­ke hor­se and the Ta­zy hun­ting dog, are con­si­de­red by the Turk­men peop­le their na­tio­nal trea­su­res.

In­na BU­ROVA,