Wellness is the source of happiness

4 March 2022

Physical culture and sports have become a favourite activity of our compatriots, especially the younger generation, in our epoch of happiness. Among the noble initiatives put forward by the President of Turkmenistan and aimed at the all-round development of our Motherland, great importance is attached to creation of modern sports facilities, to preparation of highly qualified specialists and athletes, and to active promotion of the principles of a healthy lifestyle among young people.

To date, the national institutions of higher education attach great significance to physical education and sports as an integral part of the upbringing of physically and mentally healthy, purposeful, and determined young people. Special sports clubs for students function in all national institutions of higher education, including in Turkmen Agricultural University named after S.A.Niyazov. Futsal, basketball, and volleyball groups are among the most popular interests of students. In this context, the Hasyl football team of our institution of higher education successfully performs in different competitions.