Is the basis of development and goodwill co-operation

26 December 2021

The foreign policy of our Motherland Turkmenistan is based on its neutrality, peace loving and goodwill international traditions. In the Epoch of Might and Happiness the creative initiatives of our Esteemed President put forward with the aim of strengthening of universal peace, security and stability meet wide support in the whole world. Our Neutral state is widely known in the world as the state putting forward inter regional co-operation, goodwill, mutually beneficial bilateral and multilateral relations in foreign policy. Following the international legal status of Neutrality and taking into consideration the situation formed in the region and the whole world, our Motherland successfully realizes the foreign policy directed at securing the universal prosperity and peaceful development, positive solution of the most important problems of the present times, at regulating mutual understanding and its stability. The growing interests for establishing long term and multilateral relations with our secular, democratic and legal state show that the «Open doors» policy of Turkmenistan manifests itself brightly in all the events of international importance. The adoption of the Resolution «2021 — the International Year of Peace and Trust» at the 106th general meeting of the 73rd session of the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization on the 12th of September of 2019 on the initiative of our Esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov vividly shows the recognition on the international level of neutrality and the policy of our country on strengthening sustainable development on the regional and universal level under the leadership of our National Leader.

When our Esteemed President made a speech through a video recording at the 75th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization held at the Headquarters in New York also told about the exact initiatives of our country. These initiatives are aimed at uniting the efforts on solving important problems of our times, making more active fruitful co-operation in the interest of securing universal peace, prosperity and success. Being guided by permanent Neutrality status our country continuously widens international relations and increases the scale of efforts on developing them on the interstate level and with the authoritative international organizations. The election of our Motherland as Vice-chairman of the session of the General Assembly of the UNO brightly shows this truth. Opening of the Regional Centre of Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia of the UNO in Ashgabat in 2007 became an important event and Turkmenistan takes part in different events connected with making more active international relations. Turkmenistan puts forward fruitful initiatives of universal problems, especially on securing policy, diplomacy, peace, security and stability, on securing reaching the aims of sustainable development and creating exact instruments of energy safety in the world, creating steady transport system, putting forward economic, humanistic and ecological projects and shows its especial activity on realizing them.

Teacher of the Turkmen National Institute of the World Languages named after Dovletmammet Azady.