Sphere of transportation and logistics — priority vector of economy

16 July 2021

The favourable geographical position of Turkmenistan, the formation of regional and international transport corridors in the country and its transformation into a large transit and logistics centre create new opportunities for the development of the national economy. The country is becoming a transport and logistics hub for Central Asia. Promoting this conception, the national leader Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov emphasises the formation of a modern ramified transport and logistics system is one of the priorities of state policy aimed at the progressive socioeconomic development of the country and the establishment of broad regional and international cooperation.

One of the main directions of the economic strategy of Turkmenistan is the creation of an extensive transport and logistics infrastructure in the country as an important factor in the economic and social development of the country. In this sphere, large-scale projects, including those for the modernisation of existing roads and the construction of new roads and railways, the radical renovation and expansion of the material and technical base of aviation and shipping, initiated by the esteemed President, have been successfully implemented. Pursuing the open-doors policy, Turkmenistan consistently strives for transport unification in the entire Eurasian space through modern logistics. The favourable geographical position provides it with real opportunities to create a promising and competitive transport infrastructure consisting of international transport corridors and multimodal logistics centres. The country pays great attention to projects designed to give a powerful impetus to the development of transport logistics.

the Head at the Department of Study of Commodity Circulation in External Markets, Directorate of the Study of Commodity Circulation in Internal and External Markets, Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations of Turkmenistan