The Ecology Diplomacy of Turkmenistan

25 May 2021

In the Epoch of Might and Happiness the ecology policy directed at the interests of the universal humanity of our country developing with high rates under the wise guidance of our esteemed President is met with a great interest by the world community and the initiatives put forward in this trend by our Independent state are realized successfully. The initiatives and proposals put forward by our National Leader at the sessions of the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization, at the «Rio+20» International Conference, at the 3rd World Conference called «Diminishing the Risk of Natural Disasters», at the 7th World Water Council and other international conferences show that our country approaches seriously the solution of global ecological problems. Approving the main conventions on protection of nature of the United Nations Organization Turkmenistan closely co-operates with international organizations in this trend. Together with the Development Program of the UNO, the Environmental Protection Program of the UNO, The Universal Ecological Fund and other authoritative international organizations tens of ecological programs and projects are realized in our country and on the regional level. Great works are being carried out in our country in order to increase the ecological outlook of the population. A complex of new laws were adopted on protection of nature. «The National Forest Program of Turkmenistan» and other large-scale Programs are realized by stages. Using fruitfully such wide opportunities our people make their worthy contribution to widening the state ecological policy and to protecting natural heritage of our Fatherland for future generations.

In the new historical epoch fruitful collaboration is carried out with international organizations to secure the sustainable development of the society and ecological safety, to protect the environment, to put into practice important Conventions, protocols, programs and projects adopted by the United Nations Organization. Within the framework of it our country makes its contribution to realization of the projects on protecting biodiversity, on rational use of land-water resources, fighting against desertification, on prevention of spoiling lands, on protecting the environment of the Caspian Sea, on solving the ecology problems of the Aral Sea and the problem in connection with the climate change carried out by international community.

the teacher of the Turkmen National Institute of the World Languages named after Dovletmammet Azady.