Beauty, intellect and talent

10 March 2023

The final round of the art contest Talyp Gözeli – 2023 took place at the Cultural and Business Centre of the oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan. The organisers of the event were the Ministry of Education, Magtymguly Youth Organisation and the Women’s Union. More than 20 representatives of higher educational institutions of the country took part in the final round of the contest. The main aim of this cultural, educational and patriotic project is to promote spiritual, creative and aesthetic education of young people and to reveal and support young talents.

Traditionally, this art contest begins a month before the International Women’s Day celebrations. The students had to work hard to be among the finalists: they outperformed their rivals in the university round and prepared for the final. For several hours of the bright show, the participants demonstrated their knowledge of etiquette and proved that they have incredible grace, artistic skills and creative abilities to the judges, consisting of the famous cultural and art workers of our country.

NT. Photo: Hasan MAGADOV
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