Labelled “Made in Turkmenistan”

20 January 2023

Since 2016, the plant of Döwlet Gurluşyk Economic Society has been producing basalt fibre in the Yashlyk village, Ak Bugday etrap, Ahal velayat. At the initial stage, the high quality of domestic raw materials – basalt porphyrites from the Ufra deposit, located in the Balkan velayat, made it possible to produce basalt continuous fibre using the Russian technology and to launch the production of window sashes, road mesh, fittings and others. This material is also used in the oil and gas industry to insulate oil pipelines and to produce pipe products. Subsequently, the department that produces mineral wool – high-temperature thermal insulation material, which made it possible to partially substitute the imported materials, was established. The plant annually produces 100,000 square metres of the finished products – the canvas 1 metre wide and 5 cm thick. The manufacturing process makes it possible to transform volcanic rock into ultra-thin cotton wool by melting in a gas furnace at a temperature of 1,300-1,400 degrees. The Russia-made furnace is capable of heating up to a temperature of 1,700 °C. The current gas and electricity prices in Turkmenistan cause much lower production costs of mineral fibre than world prices, which ensures the competitiveness of the product. Construction is another area of the activities of the Döwlet Gurluşyk Economic Society – it built a library and a boarding school for the society of visually and hearing impaired people in Turkmenabat and the Täjir Hotel in Avaza. The company is taking an active part in building facilities for the new administrative centre of Ahal velayat – Arkadag City. These are the Halk Bank branch building, a seven-storey residential house for the security forces, the office building of the Ministry of Justice and the military personnel of the Main Civil Defence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence.


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