Reviving the Great Silk Road

6 May 2022

In modern geopolitics, great importance is attached to logistics. Turkmenistan is located at the crossroads of the North–South and East–West transport and transit routes. In its foreign policy, Turkmenistan aims to turn the country into a major transport and logistics hub of continental importance. An important role in this is assigned to the International Sea Port of Turkmenbashi. This was emphasised during the talks between the President of Turkmenistan and the President of the Republic of India.

During the years of independence, the consistent implementation of the strategic course of industrial and innovative development has ensured the economic independence of our state. Large volumes of investments were attracted to diversify the national economy and to improve the entire infrastructure. The investment policy aimed at increasing the production potential of the economy contributes to the efficient development of production resources and the sustainable growth in overall demand and gross domestic product. Large-scale socioeconomic reforms are being carried out, and the Programme “The Revival of the New Era of the Powerful State: The National Programme of the Socioeconomic Development of Turkmenistan in 2022–2052” has been adopted. Of course, it can be predicted that this Programme will serve as a starting point in modernising and realising the wide potential of all spheres of the national economy in the future. In particular, the Programme sets specific tasks aimed at the revival of the Great Silk Road. The ancient caravan road should come to life in a new format due to the creation of convenient and safe transit corridors for all modes of transport. Today, the transport and logistics sector is turning into a powerful infrastructure that unites the regions and continents of the world.

Muhammetnazar GELDIYEV,
a member of the Committee on Economy, Finance and Social Policy, Halk Maslahaty of the Milli Gengesh. Photo: Sagit BATALOV