Protection of environment is guarantee of a happy life

30 November 2021

In 2021- the «International Year of Peace and Trust» under the wise guidance of our esteemed President, the ecological policy of our country developing with great paces at the speed of a racer, directed at the interests of universal humanity is accepted by the world community with great interest and the initiatives of our Neutral State put forward in this trend are realized de facto. Together with the authoritative structures of the United Nations Development Program, the Program of the UNO on Protection of Environment, the Universal Ecological Fund and tens of ecological programs and projects are realized in our country and on the regional level. Much work is being carried out in order to increase the ecological mental outlook of the population. The new complex of laws on protection of environment has been adopted. «The National Forest Program of Turkmenistan» and other large–scale Programs are realized by stages.

Introduction into the Guinness World Records of the Turkmenbashy Seaport given for exploitation after the opening ceremony with the participation of our National Leader in 2018, as the largest seaport in the world located below the sea-level and the island created during the construction of the port as the largest island located below the sea-level which is very significant for protection of the birds of passage and presentation of the Certificates of the Max Plank Ornithology Institute for creating good conditions for protecting the diversity of birds and for the project of protecting them and the Certificate of the Ornithology Centre of Austria as the symbol of gratitude for great efforts our esteemed President on protecting nature filled the hearts of our people with pride. And it shows that the protection of environment and securing the ecological safety became one of the primary trends of the state policy in the new historical period. The fact that the artificial island occupying 170 hectare area created in the Caspian Sea has all the necessary opportunities for home and nourishment of hundred thousands of birds makes us glad because the natural beauty of this artificial island also attracts tourists. Besides that the Caspian Sea attracts a great attention with its natural resources such as oil, gas, iodine, bromine and different species of sea fishes.

Senior Teacher of the Turkmen State Institute of Architecture and Construction.