Neutrality is a Model of Creative Humanism

1 December 2023

The inexhaustible sources of the creative way of life of our people are commitment to a non-violent way of resolving tense situations and unity based on selfless love for humanity. The thinker of the early 19th century Niyazkuli at-Turkmeni writes, “A kind attitude towards people and wishes for peace are the adornment of any people, where faith in friendship and loyalty in friendship represent the basis of the moral power of the nation.”

The neutral path of development is not an indifferent avoidance of emerging contradictions, but an active approach to resolving them, where restraint and non-interference are the conditions for the peaceful resolution of disputes and clashes. This position allows us to lay a strong foundation for peaceful and creative dialogue, where the ability to listen and be heard reigns. It is in this formula of humanism that a strong will and sincere commitment to action is developed for the sake of the peaceful resolution of all disagreements. The wise thinker and humanist poet of the 18th century Dovletmammet Azadi in his treatise Wagzy-Azat writes that confidential and frank dialogue serves for the sake of universal happiness and wellbeing.

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