Universal energy access

24 November 2023

One of the major components of the SDGs is Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy. Turkmenistan aims its energy policy at ensuring reliable and stable transit of energy to consumers and building up the export potential.

The country is implementing the strategy of the progressive development of production and technical capacities of the power industry oriented towards the high rates of dynamical economic growth. The guideline used to develop this sector is the application of advanced technologies, highly efficient and reliable equipment and automated control systems. The country is implementing the National Renewable Energy Strategy until 2030, the Programme on Energy Diplomacy for 2021–2025 and the Energy Efficiency Programme for 2018–2024, aimed at promoting and efficiently using renewable energy sources, increasing the role of alternative energy sources and intensifying energy cooperation between Turkmenistan and international organisations.

a chief specialist at the Department of Strategic and Sustainable Development, Ministry of Finance and Economy of Turkmenistan