Restorer is a Vocation

19 May 2023

From time immemorial, the Turkmen land has been known as one of the centres of scientific knowledge and culture, and therefore, the heritage that has survived to this day arouses fascination with its uniqueness and large scale. Today, the interest in the study of manuscripts created and stored in Turkmenistan is growing in many countries of the world, which causes special pride. President Serdar Berdimuhamedov notes, “It is known that the ultimate task set before the educational sector is to bring up the well-educated younger generation with a broad outlook and devoted to the Motherland, the people and the great values of their ancestors. Through education, we are therefore transforming our cultural and spiritual life, comprehensively strengthening the position of our independent state in the world and building our great future with a solid foundation… on the interests of people, national and universal values and on humane traditions.”

The opening of the Faculty of Reconstruction and Restoration of the National Heritage at the State Institute of Culture was a significant event, especially for us, professional restorers, because it is very important to bring up worthy successors of masters of their craft, so that the ancient writings continue to live in the future.

a senior research worker at Magtymguly Institute of Language, Literature and National Manuscripts, Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan
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