Sun, beaches and sea bree­ze

28 May 2021

kilometres of sandy beaches, infinite silence, disturbed only by the sounds of a surging wave, and comfortable hotels await you in the Avaza national tourism zone. There everything is ready for a vacation of full value. These are deluxe hotels, children’s recreation centres and houses for family vacation located in its territories, cottage settlements and a handmade river, colourful fountains and an open-air concert hall, parks and children’s entertainment centres.

The Avaza national tourism zone can impress not only with the refinement of its hotels with the highest level of comfort and service, but also with a huge choice among possibilities of recreation and entertainment facilities. Many will surely find entertainment in the sports grounds and in the fitness centres of the hotels. Much is also provided for children, including game rooms. On the instructions of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, transport routes have been organised to the place of vacation and back from it, measures have been taken to provide hotels and children’s recreation centres with sufficient volumes of food products, and work is underway to organise concerts and other cultural events.

In­na BU­ROVA,
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