Turkmen hospitality: organizational-legal development of tourism affairs

25 March 2023

Under the leadership of our Esteemed President, our permanently Neutral country Turkmenistan is making great developments. In our country, the national historical, cultural and natural heritage, environmental protection, the right of everyone to rest, a favorable environment and cultural life are guaranteed by law. Thus, the necessary work is being carried out to develop the tourism infrastructure in our country.

Currently, tourism is part of the socio-economic complex and is becoming a widely developed industry in many countries. Every seventh job in the world is considered as tourism affairs. The volume of income from international tourism is increasing. Turkmenistan has all the necessary conditions for the development of various types of tourism, special attention is paid to the comprehensive development of national tourism. Legal documents in this area are being developed to strengthen its legal framework. The Constitution of Turkmenistan, which has the legal basis of legislation in our country, contains a legal norm that the state promotes the development of international cooperation in the field of tourism. The legal basis for the development of tourism is strengthened on the basis of legislation arising from this norm. This is clearly evidenced by the implementation of the Law of Turkmenistan «On Tourism», which defines the legal, economic, social and organizational foundations of tourism. The purpose of the law is to make tourism a highly profitable sector of the economy and create a legal framework for the development of the tourism services market, employment of the population, protection of the rights and legitimate interests of tourists and tourism entities. The law also includes provisions regulating the activities of the state in the field of international tourism. International legal regulation of tourism and tourist services is carried out on the basis of international treaties and customs, as well as documents of specialized international organizations.

Student of Law faculty of the Turkmen State University named after Magtymguly.