Long-Awaited Guest – Wallcreeper

9 December 2022

For true explorers, nature is full of amazing discoveries, we just have to take a closer look at it. Many miracles can be found in the Koytendag Mountains, where scientific expeditions go in search of rare animals and plants. There, the Koytendag State Nature Reserve operates to preserve and study the natural heritage, and scientific and practical research is carried out.

Having a diploma of ecologist, I visited those places quite recently, any animal that I encountered in nature, previously known only from illustrations in educational reference books, aroused my enthusiastic interest. Of particular joy were trips deep into the protected area with researchers to carry out planned work, to monitor and record the inhabitants of the wildlife world. I remember a recent expedition with experienced colleagues from the Kopetdag, Badhyz and Kaplankyr Reserves, with whom we observed ungulates, the count of which continues until December, and carried out scientific field work and an examination of the state of the flora of a part of the canyons of all sections of the Koytendag Reserve.

a junior research worker of the Koytendag State Nature Reserve of the Environment Protection Service