The power of national economy

1 June 2022

On the 11th of February of this year named the «Era of the People with Arkadag» the «Revival of the new Era of the Powerful State: the National Program of developing the social-economic trends of Turkmenistan in the years of 2022-2052» adopted at the session of Halk Maslahaty of the National Gengesh of Turkmenistan which was held in the Maslahat Palace of our capital. Of course, increasing the energy power of our country is one of the main tasks, planned in the National Program. In his speeches our Esteemed President calling attention to developing fuel-energy complex, the formation of innovational productions on processing the hydro-carbon means, underlined the great importance of formation of multilateral system of widening the export opportunities by diversification and also of exporting energy means. In Turkmenistan, which is one of the main states of large energy resources, the fruitful works are realized on reliable transit of energy resources and securing sustainable development and safety on the initiatives and proposals of our Neutral state under the patronage of the UNO and our country has a great international authority. The adoption of Resolutions «On Reliable Transit of Energy Resources and its Significance on securing Sustainable Development and International Co-operation» in 2008 and 2013 shows vividly this truth.

The recognition of our Neutral Motherland as an important information-communication bridge in the region of Central Asia, on crossroads of the Great Silk Road, between the East and West, North and South promote the further development of telecommunication system meeting the world standards and high quality of exchanging information. Realizing the foreign policy based on Neutrality, “Open Doors” policy and fruitful co-operation our country makes a great contribution to strengthening the fruitful international co-operations. With these aims Turkmenistan successfully realizes large-scale programs on the regional and world level favoring the tasks of sustainable development together with foreign partners. The works carried out in this trend and attained achievements show vividly that the large natural resources, the opportunities of favorable location of our country are directed at peaceful life of countries, regions and peoples and at developing trade-economic and cultural relations. At present among the large projects being realized the Turkmenistan — Afghanistan — Pakistan — India gas pipeline and Turkmenistan — Afghanistan — Pakistan electric line occupy large place. The realization of these projects will be of great significance not only for the participant countries but also for the whole region. To tell to the point, the opening ceremony of the first steam-gas electric station in the Mary State Electric Station in the year of «Turkmenistan — the Heart of the Great Silk Road» became a joyful event. It proves the further development and becoming one of the primary branches of the fuel energy complex of our country. In this modern electric station with the 1574 megawatt power 4 gas turbines with 260.5 megawatt power each, and 2 steam turbines each of them with 260.5 megawatt power of the famous «General Electric» American Company were mounted. Production of additional electric energy using the harmful gases going out from gas turbines is the peculiarity of this station. Introduction of this modern technology into this branch created the condition for establishing the production without waste, considerably diminishing the amount of harmful wastes going to environment. Besides that, it gave the opportunity to economize the natural gas used for producing electric energy. In addition created new jobs influenced on increasing the work experience of specialists.

Techer of the Turkmen State institute of finance.