ASTANABABA - a Sacred Place

1 March 2024

About ten kilometres west of the city of Kerki is the medieval historical monument of Astanababa, which is considered one of the holy places in the Muslim world. Pilgrims come there to bow and read a prayer for the repose of the souls of those whose bodies found their final resting place there. People who believed in the miraculous power of the ashes of saints came there to receive healing from their ailments. The caretaker of the monument, who was respected among the population, was asked to bless new beginnings. Drivers of long-distance buses, despite the fact that there is no parking there, stopped the car for a short time to receive wishes for a safe journey, giving passengers the opportunity to make a donation. And nowadays it is always crowded there. Newlyweds come there after their wedding ceremony to venerate the ashes of the saints in the hope that this ritual will strengthen their family ties.

The medieval architectural complex of Astanababa has enjoyed such fame at all times. Pilgrims who live far beyond the Lebap velayat come there. This historical and cultural monument consists of a mosque and a tomb. Its first part was erected in the 12th century, and then new buildings were added, and it acquired its final form only in the 17th century.

NT. Photos: Hasan MAGADOV