National Games in International Format

1 March 2024

In the most famous resort city of Türkiye – Antalya – the Sixth Forum of the World Ethnosport Confederation took place with the participation of representatives of various organisations and federations of national sports games from more than 50 countries, including Turkmenistan. One of the main topics on the agenda was the discussion of the issues of holding the V World Nomad Games to take place in Astana (Kazakhstan) from September 8 to 14 of this year, in which, of course, the national team of our country will take part.

It should be particularly noted that many of the sports included in the programme of the above-mentioned competitions are similar to Turkmen national games and amusement activities. For example, in the complex of tournaments, medals will be competed for in five types of belt wrestling – Kazakh “Kazakh kureshi”, “ssirim” (Republic of Korea), Uzbek “kurash”, “aşırtmaly aba güreşi” (Türkiye) and Kyrgyz “alysh”, – the rules of which for the most part close to our goresh. And intellectual competitions in “oware” (West Africa), “mangala” (Turkiye) and “togyzkumalak” (Kazakhstan) are very similar to the Turkmen games “düzzüm” and “takylatdy”. Therefore, our athletes have every chance to collect a large “harvest” of awards in Astana. But let’s return to the Forum in Antalya.

Photo courtesy of the Centre for National Sports of Turkmenistan