Happy women of Turkmenistan

1 March 2024

Special attention is attached to the great contribution of the Turkmen women to prosperity of the country and implementation of transformations in the revival of the new epoch of the powerful state. Every year, the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov signs the Decree on Awarding Women of the country on International Women's Day. According to the Decree, the Turkmen women receive money in a solemn atmosphere.

The Turkmen people have excellent opportunities to live and work creatively in the country. According to the Constitution of Turkmenistan and international legal documents, men and women have equal rights to work in various spheres on the basis of gender equality. This fact demonstrates the process of empowering women in our society. Ample opportunities are created for the Turkmen women and girls to live and work in the country.

a lecturer, Yagshygeldi Kakayev International University of Oil and Gas.