Kabaddi in the Complex of Military Games

23 February 2024

These days in the capital of Iran, Tehran, the third international seminar of referees on kabaddi (an ancient Indian team game) with participation of representatives of many countries (Japan, China, the Republic of Korea, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand and others), including Turkmenistan, concluded its work. Three masters of the Hanmudo National Martial Arts Federation that also includes this sport, which is gaining more and more popularity year after year, developed their referee skills.

A vivid indication of this is the inclusion of kabaddi in the programme of various continental and world-level competitions. For example, this Indian game, similar to the Turkmen national game “Aýterek-Günterek”, has been represented in the complex of the classic Asian Summer Games for several decades. However, perhaps the main news of this year was the inclusion of kabaddi in the competitions held under the auspices of the International Military Sports Council (CISM).