Caspian Sea is a Space of Opportunities

8 July 2022

The Sixth Caspian Summit, successfully held in Ashgabat, became a significant political event in the context of further strengthening and developing good-neighbourly and friendly relations among the Caspian states. The activities carried out in the Caspian region by the coastal states ensure the peaceful development of this region, sustainable socioeconomic growth and environmental wellbeing. Stating the importance of the issues discussed by the heads of state at the Sixth Caspian Summit, the esteemed President Serdar Berdimuhamedov expressed confidence that the outcome of the Ashgabat Summit would be a worthy contribution to the successful promotion of multi-vector cooperation in the Caspian region and would contribute to bringing it to a qualitatively new level.

At the same time, the decisions made are also important on a global scale. The Caspian Sea and the Caspian region as a whole occupy a strategically important position on the continent. The North–South and East–West transport corridors intersect here. Thus, the Caspian region is considered a special segment of the global geo-economic space, which necessitates the integration of the transport potentials of Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan and Russia.

Deputy Chairman at the Turkmen Logistics Association