Digital education reforms

31 March 2022

In the Epoch of Might and Happiness as a result of the works carried out by our Scientist Arkadag the care of the young generation has become one of the primary trends of the state policy. In accordance with the demands of present times, fruitful works are carried out in our country for bringing up the young generation as the educated people, of high culture, for their getting profession, being healthy, for taking part of them in creative scientific work, for upbringing them as the devoted people to our Motherland, to our people, to the traditions of our great ancestors.

In accordance with the tasks defined in the state and national programs adopted in our Motherland works on supplying them with text-books and training appliances, the new technologies and educational technical equipments meeting the world demands are carried out constantly too. And also the last achievements of science and innovational educational methods are introduced into the educational system.

the teacher of International University for the Humanities and Development.