Alabay is our cultural heritage

18 March 2022

The President of Turkmenistan has great respect for our cultural values and emphasizes that alabay is the wealth of our Motherland, a national value created by our ancestors, that our duty is to preserve it and pass it on to the future generations with all its splendour.

Large-scale work is underway to maintain the purity of the breed and to increase the number of alabays last years. The Turkmen Alabay International Association was established; the Turkmen alabay breeding centres were built and put into operation in the regions of our country to preserve, protect and train alabays. These facts demonstrate the deep respect for national values thanks to the concern of the President of Turkmenistan in our great epoch.

Bayramgeldi AGAJANOV,
a student, Turkmen Agricultural University named after S.A.Niyazov.