The Net­work of Hot­hou­ses Expands

25 February 2022

The net­work of hot­hou­ses is gro­wing with new facili­ties: with the par­ticipa­tion of the he­ad of sta­te, six lar­ge comp­lexes, built by mem­bers of the Union of In­dust­ria­lists and Ent­rep­re­neurs of Turk­me­nis­tan (UIET), we­re com­mis­sio­ned in all velayats of the count­ry in 2021.

Two such facili­ties we­re la­unched in the Ahal velayat, one in the Kaah­ka et­rap, with an area of eight hecta­res out of 27 lea­sed ones, the de­sign capacity of which is three thou­sand ton­nes of pro­ducts a year (Oguz­ýo­ly Private En­terp­ri­se) and anot­her in the Ak Bug­day et­rap of five hecta­res with an an­nual po­ten­tial of 500 ton­nes of harvest (Daş­de­mir Private En­terp­ri­se). In the Bal­kan velayat, at two hecta­res of a hot­hou­se, mo­dern high-tech equip­ment for plant care was put in­to ope­ra­tion by a private ent­rep­re­neur Sa­par­dur­dy Naz­liyev, who decided to grow fruit, plan­ning to yield up to 50 ton­nes of vita­min pro­ducts a year. In the Char­jev et­rap, Le­bap velayat, Al­tyn Bür­güt private en­terp­ri­se grows to­ma­toes in a hot­hou­se with an area of 8.5 hecta­res; at pre­sent, so­wing activities are car­ried out the­re for the new sea­son. One hund­red peop­le work the­re. In the Sa­karcha­ga et­rap, Ma­ry velayat, the Mäh­ri­ban Obam private en­terp­ri­se has develo­ped eight hecta­res for a hot­hou­se comp­lex for gro­wing to­ma­toes with the aim of an an­nual out­put of 4,800 ton­nes of export-orien­ted pro­ducts. In Ge­rog­ly et­rap, Das­ho­guz velayat, the Al­tyn Ga­la Gur­ly­şyk private en­terp­ri­se used five hecta­res of the lea­sed 30 ones for the const­ructi­on of a hot­hou­se with a capacity of 1,000 ton­nes of pro­ducts a year. Thus, the to­tal new pro­ducti­on area of the new facili­ties amoun­ted to 38.5 hecta­res, whe­re 390 peop­le are emp­loyed. To da­te, so­me farms are harves­ting the first yields of vege­tab­les and so­me have al­rea­dy comp­le­ted the sea­son and are plan­ting a new batch of seed­lings.

Ele­na DOL­GOVA,