Sweet products from altyn ýunus

21 January 2022

Dozens of types of cookies, crackers, chocolate bars, chocolate eggs with a surprise inside and waffles with various fillings – all this is born at one of the enterprisies, a confectionery factory of the Altyn Ýunus private enterprise, located in the Ak Bugday etrap, Ahal velayat. This is where we came to learn about the production of our favourite sweets.

The smell of chocolate, which came from a nearby factory, like a navigator, led to sweet things. A high level of cleanliness is maintained there. Putting on overalls, we went to the production workshop, equipped with modern and high-tech technologies, ensuring the automation of the production process. There are kneading tanks at the entrance, where the mass is kneaded at high temperatures.

NT Photo: Sagit batalOV