The Land Where “the Wind Is Born”

15 January 2022

Since ancient times, the lowlands of Badhyz have served as natural passages from the countries of Front Asia eastwards to Central Asia and Western China. Those places were famous for rich pastures and comfortable wintering sites. Caravan routes ran there in ancient times.

From those times, there remained barely noticeable tracks of roads, the ruins of fortresses and caravan sheds, abandoned wells and memories of the local nature of travellers, who had to overcome Badhyz dense forests for several days in the 13th century. The contemporary look of the vegetable cover is peculiar – a savannah type pistachio open woodland. The diorama in the section of Badhyz in the Department of Local Nature of the State Museum of the State Cultural Centre of Turkmenistan provides visitors with the view of one of the beautiful natural sites of our country. Its name is translated as the land where the wind is born. This year, the Badhyz State Nature Reserve, located in the interfluve between the rivers and founded to preserve the riches of the local animal and vegetable kingdom, is celebrating 80 years.

a senior research worker, State Museum, State Cultural Centre of Turkmenistan, Candidate of Biology Photos from the archive of the NT editorial staff