Noble aspirations in the New Year

7 January 2022

Every day, month and year of the epoch of might and happiness is notable for the transformations and historical achievements that contribute to the happy life of our people under the wise leadership of the President of Turkmenistan. The events of last year, which was held under the motto ‘Turkmenistan – the Home of Peace and Trust’, were written on the pages of history in the letters of gold. Our country has greeted 2022 with joyous celebrations, great inspiration and good wishes, which are characteristic to the wond\erful traditions of the Turkmen festive events.

Due to numerous proposals from our compatriots, 2022 is being held under the motto ‘the Era of the People with Arkadag’. Our beloved Motherland will continue to thrive in all spheres, because this year coincides with the Year of the Tiger according to the Eastern astrology. Moreover, our people believe that this year brings wealth. A number of events took place to glorify the history of the Turkmen sport last year. It should be noted that the Turkmen athletes won the gold medals at the World Weightlifting Championships and the first Olympic medal in the history of the national sport.

Abadan AgaJanova,
a lecturer, Turkmen State Institute of Physical Education and Sports.