In the Evening Light…

10 December 2021

The current pace of the transformations taking place in the main city of the country is amazing. The social, administrative and housing infrastructures expand systematically. All this not only enhances the beauty of Ashgabat, but also contributes to creating an optimally comfortable environment for work, accommodation and recreation of the residents and guests of the city. In this regard, it should be noted that the emphasis is placed not only on the aesthetic component, but also on the layout and placement of facilities at the design stage to develop a unified system that ensures fully the active life of people. In short, Ashgabat has embodied the spirit of the new time – the Era of Might and Happiness.

Modern lighting systems that emphasise the beauty of the city in the evening, when everything shines and is iridescent, have an important place in the beautification of Ashgabat. Certainly, a comprehensive and specific approach is taken to choosing lighting devices and systems, taking into account the purpose of use, design and architectural embodiment, location of every device, including neighbouring buildings, to create a harmony. Such an approach brings the desired results: the city is very beautiful in the evenings, illumined with thousands of lights. The current generation takes such lighting as a matter of course, but it was not always like this.

Candidate of History. Photos: Hasan MAGADOV